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Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
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The Clinical & Translational Informatics (CTI) group is the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's resource for providing databases and applications that help DFCI clinicians and researchers gain insights based on clinical and research data. The Product Manager of Genomics Integration & Interpretation will be responsible for driving patient-centric, personalized medicine applications forward. The incumbent will report to the Team Lead for Bioinformatics and Business Analysis, collaborating closely with clinicians, researchers, developers, and other groups across the Institute. This role will require a strong understanding of clinical genomics, with the ability to distill critical information to the everyday clinician and patient in an intuitive, genomics-focused clinical decision support application.

  • Elicit requirements from end-users of translational genomics applications, ensuring the development of clear and meaningful user interfaces that can be interpreted by a non-expert, while providing the ability to drill into details for more advanced users.
  • Keep abreast of latest breakthroughs in cancer genomics and personalized medicine, feeding these new discoveries into the roadmap as appropriate.
  • Document requirements and relay to technical team via product roadmap, product backlog, user stories, and issue tracking tool.
  • Engage with end users of CTI's research application to properly assess genomic data needs, answering basic questions about data and facilitating communication between users and labs who generate the data as more advanced requests are made.
  • Participate in bioinformatics and scientific meetings that revolve around our source data, such as Profile, and devise a mechanism for involving the appropriate stakeholders as issues and questions around molecular data arise as appropriate. Use lessons learned to further improve documentation of the nuances and complexities in molecular data provided by CTI.
  • Support existing patient reporting application.
  • Proactively communicate and collaborate with internal customers to analyze information needs and functional requirements
  • Collaborate with others in the product management domain such as User Experience Designers to deliver prototypes, wireframes, and GUI designs.
  • Thoroughly document and quality control all features, maintaining a list of expected inputs and outputs for each feature. Write detailed functional test plans that cover not only the basic functionality, but also include edge, boundary and odd case scenarios.
  • Motivate junior team members for success, and give recognition for results across diverse teams that contribute to our projects.
  • Work with development team to ensure all automatable tests are implemented. Design and run smoke tests for non-automatable functions that verify functionality, especially to confirm that a release works.
  • Maintain end user documentation of application functionality and data.
  • Lead effort of piloting downstr`eam analyses and visualizations of genomic data collaboratively with data scientist and other stakeholders, and feed product roadmap as appropriate.
  • Explore and assess genomic data in the public domain, guiding the bioinformatics product development team in adding additional annotations that may aid in the interpretation and contextualization of patient alterations.
  • Use the Partners HealthCare values to govern decisions, actions and behaviors. These values guide how we get our work done: Patients, Affordability, Accountability & Service Commitment, Decisiveness, Innovation & Thoughtful Risk; and how we treat each other: Diversity & Inclusion, Integrity & Respect, Learning, Continuous Improvement & Personal Growth, Teamwork & Collaboration.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • PhD in Genomics, Cancer Biology; MS in Genetic Counseling; or related field with relevant experience
  • 5+ years in cancer research or clinical genetics highly preferred
  • 3+ years experience working with and/or building personalized medicine applications/reports
  • 1+ year experience in bioinformatics a plus (SQL, Python, Perl, COSMIC, cBioPortal, TCGA, etc.)
  • Track record of publication in the scientific literature a plus
  • Background in immune-oncology a plus

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