Principal Scientist, Investigative Toxicology

Job Location
Summit, NJ
Job Description

We seek a cutting edge day-to-day Laboratory Super Hero!

The Principal Scientist in Investigative Toxicology serves as an integral member of the toxicology team that supports the investigative toxicology aspects of compounds in development of pharmaceuticals, including devising investigative toxicology resolution strategies, keeping apprised of relevant toxicological mechanisms of action and related technologies in assessing pathways, biomarkers, and end points relevant to toxicology. In general, the Principal Scientist will provide appropriate scientific perspective and resolution study approaches to identified safety issues of a drug candidate in the drug development process. Although this position is 75% laboratory based, the Principal Scientist will manage and supervise scientific, administrative, and technical activities related to in vitro experiments and design and support studies related to in vivo studies as well. Celgene’s pipeline has many drugs that modulate the immune system, thus immunotoxicology understanding plus. Additionally, this individual will provide expertise in complex in vitro organ model development in key target organs including bone marrow and gut.

The Principal Scientist is also responsible for assisting Nonclinical Development management team in establishing and achieving long-term strategic goals and tactical objectives of the Investigative Toxicology group. The Principle Scientist will be the laboratory head of the Investigative Toxicology Group....cont.

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