Postdoctoral Researcher - Skeletal Development

Van Andel Research Institute
Job Location
Grand Rapids, MI
44,000 - 50,000
Job Description

Bart Williams’ Laboratory in the Center for Skeletal Disease and Tumor Metastasis at Van Andel Research Institute has an NIH grant-funded position available for one Postdoctoral Fellow.

The Williams Laboratory studies the role(s) of Wnt signaling in development and disease. The laboratory is focused on the generation and characterization of genetically engineered mouse models to facilitate the assessment of the roles of Wnt signaling components during skeletal development and disease processes. We are particularly interested in deciphering the mechanisms by which specific Wnt proteins interact with receptor complexes to mediate signaling.

This postdoctoral position is available immediately for a motivated PhD graduate who meets the qualifications and description outlined below.


* A Ph.D. (or equivalent degree) with experience and publications in the fields of development, cellular, or molecular biology

How to Apply

Application Process:
Qualified applicants should provide a cover letter outlining research experience and interests, a curriculum vitae, and the names and address of three references. To apply directly visit:

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