Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Biology

Oregon Health & Science University
Job Location
Portland, OR 97239
$50,000-$65,000, DOE

Full OHSU Postdoc benefits

Job Description

Do you think that biology needs better models and better software tools? Do you want to bridge the low-throughput detailed biological information with high throughput system scale profiling experiments? Are you interested in computational approaches to precision medicine? If your answer is yes, we might have a great position for you!

We are looking for postdoctoral researchers who are passionate about making a positive impact and have demonstrated creative programming skills, preferably in an open source setting. Our goal is to build on our existing work in pathway informatics and cancer genomics to find creative ways to generate very large models of cellular processes and apply them to understand and cure cancer. We are at a very exciting junction with existing and new collaborations with Intel, Dana Farber, Harvard Medical School and University of Toronto.

Working in a dynamic, software development focused team, you will build tools, algorithms and services for creating and using detailed, system scale pathway information with specific focus on Cancer Biology. Previous experience in -omic data, pathways and networks, real time collaborative platforms, natural language processing and data visualization will be evaluated positively. Cross training or experience in biology is highly desirable. Previous open source software development experience is also a major plus.


Ph.D. in relevant field
Demonstrated open source software development experience
Prior work in algorithms development

Preferred Qualifications:

Extensive OSS development record

How to Apply

Go to "Find a Job" at the OHSU Jobs site ( and search under job posting ID: IRC51409

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