Postdoctoral fellowships in genetic epidemiology of congenital heart disease

Stanford University School of Medicine
Job Location
300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford, CA 94061
Job Description

I am a newly appointed Assistant Professor of Pediatric Cardiology at the Stanford University School of Medicine, now looking for talented and motivated post-docs to join my group.


During my postdoctoral fellowship, I have been investigating the genetic and molecular basis of congenital heart disease. My research is translational and interdisciplinary, combining methods from the molecular epidemiology field - such as genomic, metabolomic, and transcriptomic work in large population-based studies - with functional work in vertebrate models to reach new insights into cardiac development and malformations. 


We collaborate closely with many groups at Stanford including the laboratories of Erik Ingelsson, Euan Ashley, and Tom Quertermous (see more at and have ongoing active collaborations developing methods with the department of computer science. We will work with several large datasets with different types of -omics data, such as the UK Biobank and the Pediatric Cardiac Genomics Consortium. We use a range of methods and data sources including rare variant analyses, traditional GWAS, inheritance modeling, and network-based approaches to discover novel genetic loci conferring risk for congenital heart disease.



Upon building my new team at Stanford, I am looking for driven, energetic and creative post-docs with a PhD in molecular/genetic epidemiology, statistical genetics, bioinformatics, population genetics, computer science or similar fields.  Experience with statistical analysis of genotype-phenotype associations or other -omics data is prerequisite. The strongest candidates will have working knowledge of a variety of tools for genetic association studies and studies of biomarkers. Fluency in R, STATA or equivalent statistical software is essential, and familiarity with Unix, Perl, Python and/or Java is an advantage. Excellent verbal and written communication skills are required, as is a willingness to work with colleagues with a broad array of backgrounds.


How to Apply

To apply, please forward your CV and a personal statement describing relevant experience to James Priest ( Stanford University is an equal opportunity employer and minority applicants are encouraged to apply.

About Our Organization

The Division of Pediatric Cardiology and the Stanford University School of Medicine provide superlative training opportunities at the post-doctoral level in the very latest and most sophisticated methods and approaches for disentangling genetic mechanisms of complex human disease. For the right candidate, this is a spectacular opportunity to join a newly formed group with highest ambitions to perform important studies to transform the field of pediatrics.

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