Postdoctoral Fellowship - Applications and Product Development

New England Biolabs
Job Location
Ipswich, MA 01938
Job Description

A postdoctoral fellowship is available within the Applications and Product Development Department at New England Biolabs. The successful candidate will work within a dynamic group of polymerase researchers and developers to further our understanding of DNA-dependent DNA polymerases.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Conduct detailed and thoughtful kinetic and biochemical analyses of commercially-relevant DNA polymerases
  • Improve and develop novel assays to monitor polymerase activities
  • Extrapolate findings to inform future development
  • Become a valuable contributor to NEB kinetics working group
  • Publish findings in high-quality peer-reviewed journals

This position offers broad training and experience in an interdisciplinary environment at the interface between basic research and product development. In addition to furthering the understanding of commercially-relevant polymerases, this position offers exciting opportunities for collaboration with academic institutions, participation in national and international conferences, and publication in peer-reviewed journals.

  • A recent Ph.D. in Biochemistry or related field
  • Kinetics expertise including experience with simulation and global data fitting methods
  • Strong record of scientific publication
  • Proven assay design abilities
  • Excellent data analysis and organizational skills
  • An ability to excel in a team environment
  • Effective verbal and written communications skills
About Our Organization

New England Biolabs, Inc. (NEB) is a privately held biotechnology company with a worldwide reputation for providing quality reagents for the molecular biology market. NEB’s customers range from small academic laboratories to major research institutions to large industrial corporations. NEB has a strong research focus, and relies on the cooperative interaction of a motivated workforce for its success.  NEB is located in a beautiful estate setting, LEED certified building north of Boston.


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