Postdoctoral Fellow (Synthetic Biology/Strain Engineering)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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Walnut Creek, CA
Job Description

Postdoctoral Fellow (Synthetic Biology/Strain Engineering) - 80127
Organization: GN-Genomics

The Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute - DOE JGI (a division of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) has an exciting opportunity available for a postdoctoral fellow. As part of a large multidisciplinary research program at JGI, we seek to understand the functional genomics of microbial metabolism to help enable the development of biofuels, understand carbon cycling and the impacts of climate change. This position will play an important role in domesticating various non-conventional bacterial strains to be used for expression of natural product pathways and other fields of research in Synthetic Biology to support the JGI through collaborative projects. This includes development of molecular tools and methodologies to integrate, replace, delete, and mutate genes of interests efficiently and in high-throughput manner. This position directly reports to the Synthetic Biology - Pathway Engineering group lead.

• Develop tools and methodologies to domesticate and facilitate engineering of non-conventional bacterial species. The specific job duties include:
• Establish optimal culture conditions
• Establish efficient protocols for transformation
• Develop and construct plasmid systems
• Analyze comparative expression profiles (qPCR and RNA sequencing) in several different culture conditions and create promoter library
• Develop molecular tools and procedures efficiently insert, replace, delete, and mutate targeted locus in a chromosome


• Strong motivation to contribute to develop the areas of research under the DOE mission
• Ph.D. degree in the relevant fields in Microbiology and Microbial Strain Engineering
• Proficient background in bacterial genetics, metabolism, and physiology
• Proficient background in molecular biology techniques (molecular cloning, DNA extraction, PCR, RT-PCR, and gel electrophoresis)
• Ability to successfully work in a dynamic team environment (e.g. integrity, trust, teamwork, interpersonal skills, values differences, dealing with change and ambiguity, strategy, and written and oral communication)
• Keep precise and detailed laboratory notebooks
• Summarize experimental results and present them at the group meeting
• Preferred - Experience with genetic manipulation of Actinobacteria including Streptomyces sp.
• Preferred - Experience with genetic manipulation of Firmicutes
• Preferred - Experience with natural product pathway expression

Notes: This is a 1-year appointment that may be extended based upon satisfactory job performance, continuing availability of funds, and ongoing operational needs. The work schedule may include nights and weekends. Work will be performed at the DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI), located in Walnut Creek, CA.

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How to Apply

How To Apply
Apply directly online at and follow the on-line instructions to complete the application process.

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