Postdoctoral Fellow - Cancer Genomics

National Human Genome Research Institute at NIH
Job Location
Bethesda, MD
Job Description

Seeking a highly motivated Postdoctoral candidate with a strong background in cancer research. The overarching goal of our laboratory is to identify, and functionally characterize, somatically mutated genes that underlie the development of clinically aggressive forms of human endometrial (uterine) cancer (Nature Genetics 2012; 44:1310-5). To this end we use next-generation sequencing to decode endometrial cancer exomes and identify candidate cancer genes, followed by functional studies of the encoded mutant proteins using biochemical and cell based approaches.


Candidates should have or be very close to obtaining a PhD, and have less than two years of Postdoctoral experience. Applicants must have a strong background in cancer research, as well as expertise in computational genomics (high throughput sequence analysis) and/or molecular biology, as evidenced by peer-reviewed publications including at least one first-author publication. Excellent communication skills and fluency in both spoken and written English are essential.

About Our Organization

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