Postdoctoral fellow and graduate student positions in the laboratory of Dr. Reut Shalgi.

Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Job Location
Rappaport Institute of Medical Research, Faculty of Medicine, Technion
Job Description

The lab focuses on translational regulation and ribosome-associated chaperones with a systems biology point of view. We are interested in the cross-talk between the chaperone network and the translation machinery in mammalian cells, during stress and in neurodegenerative diseases. The lab is highly technological, and uses cutting edge high throughput methodologies, including high throughput sequencing and robotics, combined with computational and molecular biology.


We are looking for highly motivated and talented individuals, with a strong background in either computational biology, or molecular biology:

  1. Computational Biology – experience with bioinformatics or analysis of high throughput sequencing data is an advantage.
  2. Molecular Biology – experience in mammalian cell cultures and related techniques is an advantage.

People who wish to combine computational and experimental work are most welcomed.

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