Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (Microbiome program)

DNA Genotek
Job Location
Ottawa, ON

DNA Genotek, a wholly owned subsidiary of OraSure Technologies Inc., is a Canadian biotech company that has become the recognized world leader in DNA collection products and services.  Our success is based on the strong relationships we've built with our customers and the exceptional talent of our employees.  We pride ourselves on offering a fun, positive and high performance environment that supports the continued growth and development of all employees.  We hope you are interested in joining our team as we are currently in search of a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow to support our Microbiome Program.

Job Description

You are a highly innovative scientist familiarized with new scientific trends and molecular biology technologies. You have a strong knowledge of chemical, biochemical and molecular principles of nucleic acids from eukaryotes and prokaryotes.  Your drive and passion will be developed under the leadership of senior scientific staff.  You will generate innovative proof-of-principles and translate them into viable product designs. Your resourcefulness will be leveraged as you deal with complex concurrent projects and work towards strong conclusions in the face of new and challenging areas of scientific uncertainty.  You will have the opportunity to advance your scientific career by publishing scientific papers and generating patents, where appropriate, and with the appropriate approvals.   

 Additionally you will:

  • Design, develop, innovate and execute laboratory experiments
  • Carry out research in emerging areas of interest to the company under the general direction of senior scientists
  • Lead concurrent research projects in an effort to meet deadlines and key milestones
  • Perform hands-on laboratory experimental work
  • Design experiments and interpret results
  • Establish new laboratory techniques and provide assistance to team members
  • Present research findings internally and participate in discussions on the direction of research activities
  • Participate in the preparation of patents arising from DNA Genotek research activities where warranted
  • Remain knowledgeable on relevant scientific literature and new technologies


  • PhD in Biochemistry or Molecular Biology



  • Strong knowledge of nucleic acids and protein chemistry
  • Prior microbiome experience
  • Extensive experience developing novel molecular biology techniques
  • Strong analytical, statistical and planning skills
  • Demonstrated scientific productivity
  • Previous post-doctoral experience would be an asset
  • Sequencing, cell culture and/or microbiology experience and knowledge of System Biology would be preferred
  • Statistical experience would be preferred

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