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The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)
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Job Description

Glioma Research Lab in Cancer & Cell Biology Division

Brief Posting Description  

This position involves design, execution, and supervision of technical personnel conducting experiments on the genetics and biochemistry (signal transduction pathways) underlying the stem cell behavior of human tumor cells (primarily glioma), especially as influenced by alternative splicing of genes.   The Postdoctoral Fellow will work closely with the Senior Investigator on peer-reviewed and new projects that involve co-investigators within TGen and at outside institutions.  The Fellow will assume progressively more autonomous responsibilities for project development and execution with the aim of career maturation towards being an independent (extramurally-funded) scientist.  The Fellow will assist in manuscript preparation, grant proposal development, scientific presentations (posters and platform talks) and progress reports.

Participates in the design, development, execution, and implementation of scientific research in collaboration with a research team studying malignant glioma.     

Detailed Description  

Projects in the laboratory include cancer-centric investigations that require competency, proficiency, and/or familiarity with (the majority of) the following:

Experimental Design, technical execution, data analysis, interpretation, and presentation of findings from studies using genomic sequencing (DNA and RNA), molecular biology techniques such as qRT-PCR, cell & tissue processing for isolation of DNA, RNA, and protein, plasmid design and construction, siRNA transfection experiments, bioinformatics and statistics;

Experimental Design, technical execution, data analysis, interpretation, and presentation of findings from studies on in vivo and in vitro tumor growth, invasion, drug response, and resistance (short-term and long-term).

Experimental Design, technical execution, data analysis, interpretation, and presentation of findings from datamining of alternatively-spliced genes, gene expression, SNP frequencies, aneuploidy measurements (array-based or bead-based CGH);

Experimental Design, technical execution, data analysis, interpretation, and presentation of findings from in vitro cell biology studies of mammalian cell proliferation, apoptosis, migration, and viability; 

Familiarity with electronic communication (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software), manuscript development, grant proposal preparation;

Helps set the near-term research priorities for ongoing projects; may launch new projects.

Performs research experiments by acquiring relevant data through interaction with research partners.

Analyzes and summarizes research data.

Writes manuscripts for publication.

Assists in writing proposals.

Participates in special program coordination (i.e., conferences).

Acquires research specimens and maintains compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Mentors junior level research team members.


Ph.D. in related field of research

Strong background in Cell Biology

Experience in Genomics

RNA Sequencing Analysis

How to Apply

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