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Post-Doctoral Fellow, Genomic Medicine

J. Craig Venter Institute
Job Location
La Jolla, CA
Job Description

Post-doctoral Fellow- Genomic Medicine

J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) is looking for a Post-Doctoral Fellow to join our San Diego office. The Fellow will work on various human and environmental metagenomics and biomarker discovery projects. Responsibilities will include preparation of material for Illumina Hi-Seq 2000 sequencing and analysis of meta-genomic sequencing data. Areas of interest will include taxonomic and functional analysis of sequence data, biodiversity estimation and sequence assembly in a multi-disciplinary environment.

Responsibilities will include, but at are not limited to:

• Preparation of Illumina RNASeq and metagenomic libraries for sequencing
• Experimental design, execution and data analysis
• Publication of results in peer-reviewed journals
• Assistance with project development and proposal preparation


Qualified candidates will possess a Ph.D. in molecular biology, biochemistry, microbiology or related fields. Qualified candidates should also have laboratory and molecular biology experience, specifically in next-generation sequencing technologies and library construction.

How to Apply

JCVI offers an excellent working environment and a competitive benefit package. For more information and to apply to this position, please visit our website at Equal Opportunity Employer AA M/F/Vet/Disability.

About Our Organization

The genomic revolution is happening now, and it is changing everything we know about science, medicine, and nature. As the leading genomics research institute in the world, the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) is on the frontline of this revolution, and we are making new and exciting discoveries every day. And we are still in the inception - JCVI researchers have only just begun to unlock the mysteries and true potential of genomics to improve human health and the environment. The future of genomics is limitless.
JCVI was founded in 1992 by J. Craig Venter, Ph.D. and a pioneering, multidisciplinary team of researchers with bold ideas and the passion to turn their visions into reality. In 2000, Dr. Venter successfully sequenced the entire human genome, ushering in the revolution by finally revealing the DNA code that runs our cells and controls life as we know it. This groundbreaking breakthrough transformed science and caused a paradigm shift that continues to foster new discoveries, medical therapies, industrial applications and invaluable scientific progress.
Today, JCVI continues to lead the field with programs in genomic medicine, infectious disease, microbial and environmental genomics, plant genomics, synthetic biology and bioenergy, sequencing, informatics, environment, education and policy. JCVI researchers boast a set of unrivaled accomplishments including: sequencing the first diploid human genome and the first human microbiome, an environmental genomics program, new methods for detecting and combatting infectious disease agents, and construction of the first synthetic cell.
We also recently completed building JCVI La Jolla - the only net-zero energy biological research institute in the world. This ultra-high efficiency building (LEED Platinum pending) is both beautiful and practical, and a perfect home for the cutting edge research taking place within its walls.

JCVI is growing and changing to keep pace with the speed of discovery and progress, but we remain true to Dr. Venter’s unifying vision – JCVI is committed to positively impact and advance human health and the environment through innovative, genomics-based scientific research.

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