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PhD Scholarship - Genomic Data Analytics

Monash University
Job Location
99 Commercial Road
Melbourne VIC 3004
Monash University Research Training Program (RTP) stipend: $27,872 per annum
Job Description

PhD Scholarship - Genomic Data Analytics

Job No: 589959

Location: The Alfred Centre, 99 Commercial Road, Melbourne

Employment Type: Full-time

Duration: 3 year fixed-term appointment

Remuneration: Monash University Research Training Program (RTP) stipend: $27,872 per annum

The Opportunity

This is a unique opportunity to undertake a PhD in the Public Health Genomics program at Monash University, with direct access to one of the highest quality cohorts in Australia, the ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE) study.

ASPREE have generated genomic data on over 15,000 Australians, now amongst the most comprehensive genomic data ever produced for an Australian cohort (13,500 exomes, 3,000 whole genomes, 15,000 SNP genotyping). The genomic data is accompanied by an unprecedented level of longitudinal phenotype, clinical and lifestyle information collected over 5+ years, to the highest standards of a clinical trial.

We seek talented PhD students to undertake data-driven studies with ASPREE, to begin to build their research careers around this important cohort study. Various projects are available making use of genomic + phenotypic data.

We seek candidates with backgrounds in human genetics, computational biology, statistical genetics, genetic epidemiology and/or clinical DNA sequencing analysis, with a desire for innovative analysis of large datasets. Candidates need to have a baseline knowledge of human genetics and be proficient with command line and R.  

Essential Criteria

  1. Australian Citizen or Australian permanent resident
  2. An undergraduate (Honours) or Masters degree in biology, genetics, computer science and/or a related discipline
  3. Good written and oral communication skills and an ability to work in a team environment
  4. Proficiency (or high aptitude) for R programming and command line

Please specify the project name above when making enquiries. 

Closing Date

Thursday 15 August 2019, 11:55 pm AEST

How to Apply

Enquires and How to Apply

Interested candidates, please contact the Head of Public Health Genomics; Paul Lacaze ( for more detail of the application procedure.

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