PhD in Cancer Immunology / Bioinformatics

Cardiff University
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School of Medicine
United Kingdom
Tuition fees and a doctoral stipend matching the UK research council national minimum.
Job Description

The Institute of Infection and Immunity ( conducts internationally recognised research in the areas of infection, immunity and inflammation. The long-term objective of this research is to develop or redefine treatment strategies for cancer. The aim of our PhD studentships is to offer a broad knowledge and expertise in all aspects of immunological-based disease processes at the molecular and cellular level.


This study is based on the hypothesis that T-cell responses to tumour-associated antigens arise naturally, limiting tumour-progression. These responses may be rendered ineffective as a result of immune editing e.g. the tumour has escaped the attention of the immune response through selection of variants expressing escape mutations in immunogenic regions.


To address this hypothesis we will take an approach, which combines techniques in cellular immunology with bioinformatics to search for evidence of immune-driven selection pressure in human cancer.


The project is offered in a collaborative environment comprising experienced immunologists and bioinformaticians. Moreover the group comprises technicians, PhD students and post-docs, meeting weekly at journal clubs and lab meetings. These encourage round-table discussion with lively input from all members of the team. These meetings provide opportunities for the student to develop their presentation skills and to gain confidence in asking questions and engaging in discussions of wider aspects of immunology. PhD students present their work in the format of a poster or an oral presentation at annual Institute meetings and they are also encouraged to do so at an international meeting during the final year of their PhD studies. Most of our postgraduate students finish with multiple publications in Internationally-respected Journals.


This project will be supervised by experts in Cancer Immunology (Awen Gallimore, Andrew Godkin) and by Dr Kevin Ashelford from the Wales Gene Park, who will provide the bioinformatics support and training required.


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Applicants should have a first class or upper second class degree in a related field. The studentship is open to all UK/EU students.

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