Pharmacogenetics Solutions- Independent Representative

Midsouth Pharmacogenetics
Job Location
100% commission. Significant income opportunity
Job Description

We are looking for people in all areas of the United States to be Referral Reps or Certified Reps. You would be calling on healthcare providers to present MedxPrime's personalized medicine services. This can be a part time or full time position. 


We are looking for people who have experience in the healthcare indistry. Pharmaceutical Reps, Medical Device reps, Doctors, nurses, be certified reps. If you do not have experience working in the healthcare field, but, have many contacts in healthcare, you could qualify to be a referral rep. 

About Our Organization

The era of ‘Personalized Medicine’ has now come. It allows your physician to understand from your specific DNA profile what medications will work best. It’s called ‘pharmacogenetic testing’ or PGT. No more trial and error prescribing, no longer having the danger of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) which put over 2 million people annually in the hospital and cause over 100,000 deaths each year. Now doctors can have the knowledge to avoid these issues. Personalized Medicine helps doctors to individualize drug therapy, decrease adverse drug reactions, and increase the effectiveness of treatment plans. In other words: “Right Information, Right Drug, Right Dose, Right from the beginning” MedxPrime's passion is to spped up adoption of pharmacogenetics testing in order to reduce ADRs and improve medication response for all patients. 

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