Part­-time Software Developer ­- Database Maintenance

Muse Biotechnology, Inc.
Job Location
Boulder, CO
Job Description

Located in Boulder, CO, Muse Biotechnology specializes in editing genomic and extrachromosomal DNA sequences, a technology of growing importance for industrial and medical applications. We hold very high standards for our products, our work, and our co­workers. A key element of our our company centers on developing elegant and intuitive software to power our DNA editing technology.

Our development team includes people with backgrounds in computer science, web app development, and bioinformatics. Currently, we are seeking an entry­level software developer with bioinformatics experience. The primary responsibilities include writing and maintaining database sanity checks to ensure accuracy of our backend biological data as well as parsing data from a wide range of cross­referenced resources and biological ontologies. While this is a part­time entry level position, it is possible that the nature of this role could change and expand in unpredictable ways as Muse grows.

Who we are:

●  A startup company developing paradigm­shifting bioengineering technologies

●  A fun group of people who are extraordinarily excited about synthetic biology and genome engineering

●  Ready to push ourselves and each other to the next level

●  Focused on product development

●  Dedicated to improving our software

●  Committed to providing an awesome user experience


Who you are:

●  A computer scientist eager to design, develop, test, and support new features

●  Excited about the potential impact of synthetic biology and metabolic engineering

●  Proactive about learning and improving upon the code base

●  Excited about learning new skillsets and frameworks as necessary

●  Ready to work in an innovative, agile development environment

●  A team player excited about teaching and learning from other team members regarding ways to use new development tools and best practices


Requirements you need to succeed:

●  BS in computer science OR at least 1 year development experience

●  Experience parsing biological data

●  Experience designing and querying a SQL database system (e.g. PostgreSQL)

●  Familiarity with Agile development

●  Familiarity with Python and Javascript

●  Familiarity with version control using git and GitHub

●  Basic understanding of object oriented design

●  Commitment to writing beautiful, well­documented, test­driven code


Job responsibilities include:

●  Database maintenance and sanity checking administration

●  Writing parsers for a wide range of cross­referenced biological databases

●  Presenting critical updates and rationale at weekly group meetings

●  Thoughtful review of team member code

About Our Organization

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Boulder Colorado, Muse bio is revolutionizing genome engineering. Muse bio’s success is driven by the great people who work at the Company and our ability to recruit and retain additional highly qualified and motivated people. We offer an excellent compensation package including a competitive salary, company ownership, comprehensive benefits and the opportunity to be part of a dynamic growth company environment. Muse bio is an equal opportunity employee.

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