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NGS Scientist, Nucleic Acid Amplification (4381)

Job Location
Waltham, MA
Job Description

NGS Scientist, Nucleic Acid Amplification, will be responsible for development of novel, streamlined methods of nucleic acid processing and amplification compatible with Qiagen’s NGS workflows. This position will work closely with sample prep and sequencing disciplines. The positon will have a key role in bringing innovative solutions to current and future NGS platforms and expanding the range of applications served by these platforms.

NGS Scientist, Nucleic Acid Amplification will:
• Investigate and develop technologies and approaches (internal and external) to DNA and RNA libraries clonal amplification processes which significantly improve performance and capabilities of the NGS workflow
• Work closely with Sequencing Chemistry developers to migrate these improvements into the workflow and contribute to project goals
• Serve as liason between NGS amplification development and related disciplines (e.g software and hardware)
• Play a key role in the development of future improvements, technological advances in the QIAGEN NGS platform and expansion of intellectual property
• Deliver key insights into product application opportunities for the QIAGEN NGS platform
• Document experiments in compliance with QIAGEN requirements


• MS or in Biology, Molecular Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Bioengineering or related fields
• At least 3+ years of relevant industry experience (NGS and adjacent technologies)
• Experience with solid phase nucleic acid amplification and detection technologies
• Experience with product development under design control is preferred
• Excellent understanding of the underlying technical principles of next generation sequencing chemistries and workflows, associated instrumentation platfoms and data analysis and interpretation algorithms
• Mandatory experience in next generation sequencing (NGS) technology development (DNA amplification, sample preparation, chemistry, instrumentation)
• Strong technical writing and presentation skills, prepare data for presentation and present data in lab meetings and to internal collaborators
• Moderate travel required (up to 10%)

How to Apply

If interested, please apply online

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