NGS Scientist, Data Analysis Expert (4384)

Job Location
Waltham, MA
Job Description

NGS Scientist, Data Analysis expert will be responsible to contribute to the development of the sequencing segment of an NGS workflow, including data analysis/bioinformatics in accordance with state of the art bioinformatics standards. This position will work closely with hardware and software departments. In this role, the Senior Scientist will as part of an international team be responsible for protocol/experimental design and data analysis including primary, secondary and tertiary analysis as well as analysis of underlying technical performance indicators for sequencing

In this role Scientist, NGS Consumables will:

• Design development tasks aimed at optimization of sequencing performance, including chemistry formulations, protocols etc.
• Analyze resulting data and assess performance improvements, leverage state of the art tools (internal and external) to analyze NGS data subsystem to support the development of the NGS workflow
• Serve as liason between NGS chemistry development and related disciplines (e.g internal software and bioinformatics)
• Will be responsible for specific work packages within the sequencing team, according to specification, on time and within budget
• Prepare data for presentation and present data in lab meetings and to internal collaborators
• Document experiments in compliance with QIAGEN requirements
• Experience with product development under design control is preferred


• MS or PhD in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Molecular Biology or related fields
• At least 3+ years of relevant industry experience
• Excellent understanding of the underlying technical principles of next generation sequencing and workflows, data analysis, bioinformatics and interpretation algorithms
• Proven hands-on experience with the operation of NGS instrumentation, data analysis and interpretation
• Very good troubleshooting and problem solving skills
• Strong technical writing, communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
• Moderate travel required (up to 10%)

How to Apply

If interested, please apply online

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