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NGS Bioinformatician - Boston, USA

Job Location
185 Dartmouth St
Unit 502
Boston, MA 02116
United States
Job Description

Ranked among the "50 Smartest Companies" in the world according to the MIT Technology Review, SOPHiA GENETICS is a fast-paced growing health-tech company. Combining deep expertise in life sciences, bioinformatics and mathematical modeling, SOPHiA’s technologies are being adopted and trusted by over 850 leading hospitals worldwide, all connected to each other and motivated to provide equal benefits to all patients.

We currently have 2 positions open in the bioinformatics and data science department of SOPHiA Genetics in Boston, USA. Candidates should have extensive experience in the exploratory analysis of human NGS data.

Key tasks and projects include:

·      Exploring diverse clinical NGS datasets particularly in the context of somatic variant calling, tumor/normal comparisons, CNV detection, TMB (Tumor Mutational Burden) analysis, MSI (Microsatellite Instability) detection, DNA and RNA fusion detection, etc.

·      Leveraging average data science to examine data quality, assessing product performance, and extracting key features in order to separate signal from noise

The ideal candidate should demonstrate excellence in the following areas:

  • PhD and/or several years postdoc or industry experience in bioinformatics and NGS data analysis
  • Extensive experience with R packages used for NGS data manipulation (e.g. ShortRead, Biostrings, GenomicAlignments) and ideally fluency in another language such as Python
  • Solid track record in advanced data visualization using R or another programming language
  • Capacity to work in a fast-paced and multidisciplinary environment

Please note that selected candidates will need to perform a bioinformatic analysis assignment and a self-assessment during the recruitment process. 

About Our Organization

SOPHiA GENETICS combines deep expertise in life sciences and medical disciplines with mathematical capabilities in data computing. Our mission is to bring data analytics solutions to market, to support healthcare professionals by maximizing the power of Data-Driven Medicine. We achieve this mission through the global adoption of SOPHiA AI, which is built using techniques such as statistical inference, pattern recognition and machine learning. This enables SOPHiA to provide equal benefits to all users, unite experts in a gold standard health tech platform, and motivate expert knowledge sharing for a sustainable impact on future patients. We want to contribute to make the global healthcare system more sustainable. It is our strong belief that digital technologies are the key to unlocking the era of Data-Driven Medicine, where secure data pooling and knowledge sharing will be extremely valuable for patients. By helping healthcare professionals leverage their expertise and work together as a community, patients all over the world can receive equal access to better diagnoses and treatments. Combining the first two pillars of Data-Driven Medicine, Genomics and Radiomics, we can ensure that the data used to help patients today will also benefit the patients of tomorrow.


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