Next Generation Sequencing Specialist

Intact Genomics, Inc.
Job Location
ST. LOUIS, MO 63132
Competitive salary commensurate with experience

Health, dental,vision & life insurance, 401K plan, stock options.

Job Description

Intact Genomics is seeking a full-time scientist with expertise in next generation DNA sequencing. The ideal candidate will have an in-depth understanding of molecular biology and genomics, excellent bench skills in DNA and RNA handling, and sequencing library construction. Previous hands-on experience in next generation sequencing of different platforms, especially Illumina, is strongly preferred. The successful candidate will potentially lead a new division at Intact Genomics to accelerate the development of new sequencing technologies and applications.


Develop molecular biology procedures, including: RNA/DNA extraction, purification and quality control, PCR and qPCR, gel electrophoresis, cloning; and other basic molecular biology techniques.

Perform next generation sequencing using Illumina instruments and other instrument, including next-gen sequencing library preparation (from Fosmids/BACs, whole genome, RNA, whole exome sequencing), library quality control, and sequencer operation protocols.

Design, conduct, and analyze the data from experiments involved in optimizing target capture, library construction, and next-generation DNA sequencing approaches.

Design, program, and run custom workflows on high-throughput liquid handling robotics platforms.

Maintain and help generate standard operating procedures for developed protocols. Collect and record experimental data, write reports for publication and internal use.


Minimum of Bachelor degree in biological sciences, molecular biology, biochemistry, biological engineering, or a related discipline.

At least 2 years of experience with next-generation sequencing, library preparation and sequencing data analysis. Some knowledge in bioinformatics is strongly preferred. 

Ability to accurately record data and keep a very neat, well organized and up to date notebook is essential.

Desire to work independently and as part of a small, inter-disciplinary, and collaborative team in a fast-paced environment. Drive to seeing projects through to successful completion.

Excellent attention to detail and ability to perform delicate manual tasks in a laboratory.

Strong communication skills (able to clearly communicate problems, protocols, and results to colleagues, both in writing and verbally), and ability to keep complete and detailed records.

Able to interact with colleagues of diverse backgrounds and contribute to team goals.

How to Apply

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume and three references to: or apply online at 

About Our Organization

Intact Genomics is a world leader of large insert DNA cloning and BAC (bacterial artificial chromosome) library related technologies. We provide life science products (enzymes, competent cells, cloning kits, RT-PCR/RT-qPCR kits) and large insert DNA cloning, manipulation, and BAC library related services to help scientists explore the genome structure and function of microorganisms, plants and animal species. 

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