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National Sales Manager

D-MARK Biosciences
Job Location
35 Grand Marshall Drive
Toronto, ON M1B5W9
$90-130K base salary, complete compensation package $150-$200

Health Savings accounts ($2,000 per annum)

Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Out of Country Insurance

Vacation - 2 weeks

Training allowance

Cell phone


Travel and sales related expenses

Job Description

The focus of a D-MARK National Sales Manager shall be to increase sales bookings and market share all across Canada, by appropriately managing sales representatives and various other available resources. Planning and executing an effective growth strategy is paramount, and finding ways to increase profitability in the products sold, and increase activities that enhance tangible profitability.  The National Sales Manager needs to balance what is best for the customer and the company.


Essential Responsibilities: Manage day to day national sales activities while maintaining a local regional sales responsibility.  Identify priorities for growth and support the sales team by finding resources to assist in their sales activities. Work with manufacturers to manage expectations, forecast, and allocating their resources to D-MARK. Pick up where the sales team has left off, and provide support equally to the team to the best of your ability (or as required). Work with reps in the field. Manage and conduct weekly sales calls. Manage customer expectation and complaints.  Prospect for new customers, qualify leads, and train customers after the sale. Identify customer needs and market trends. Represent D-MARK as a global leader in providing solutions for Genomic research.


Minimum 10 years sales experience, preferably with management experience, MSc. or higher preferred.

How to Apply

Please send email to:

About Our Organization

D-MARK Biosciences is Canada’s Genomic Solution Architect. We take a holistic approach to unlocking the vault of genomic information, which requires a highly defined understanding of both sample preparation and computational genomic workflows. Representing the most innovative technologies and tools, D-MARK Biosciences is able to accelerate results and bring operational excellence to every research laboratory.

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