Molecular Lab Operations Manager

Job Location
600 W Chicago Ave, Ste 775
Job Description

With the advent of genomic sequencing, we can finally decode and process our genetic makeup. We now have more data than ever before but providers don't have the infrastructure or expertise to make sense of said data. Here at Tempus, we believe the greatest promise for the detection and treatment of cancer lies in the deep understanding of molecular activity for disease initiation, progression, and efficacious treatment based on the discovery of unique biomarkers.

We're on a mission to connect an entire ecosystem to redefine how genomic data is used in clinical settings. We're looking to build a laboratory operations team who are passionate and focused on developing state of the art techniques to processing and creating and interpreting vast amounts of genomic and molecular data. You will collaborate with product, research, and business development teams to develop the most advanced sequencing platform in cancer care.

What You’ll Do:

  • Plan, direct and coordinate the operational activities of a cutting-edge clinical laboratory to support next-generation sequencing workflow with rapid turnaround times
  • Collaborate with Lab Operations leadership team to establish operational metrics and KPIs to measure lab capacity, efficiency, and capability to ensure excellence in operations, turnaround time, and cost control
  • Deliver regular business reviews to summarize laboratory financial performance, turnaround times, instrument downtime, productivity, quality and other performance metrics
  • Conduct analyses as needed to highlight issues and resolve questions
  • Leads streamlining and improvement efforts in instrument lifecycle management, sample tracking, working processes, and compliance efforts
  • Provide solutions to highly complex problems and apply a high degree of ingenuity, creativity and innovation
  • Have personnel, quality, and performance responsibility


  • BS or MS in a related field
  • 10 years of related molecular biology experience including next-generation sequencing in a clinical lab
  • Work in a CLIA/CAP high-complexity laboratory
  • In-depth knowledge and experience in lab operations process management, data integrity assurance, collaboration, lab analytics and metrics
  • Possess strong abilities to develop and manage processes, operations and technology
  • Exceptional communication, interpersonal, and management skills

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