Molecular Biologist

Cofactor Genomics
Job Location
St. Louis, MO
Job Description

Cofactor Genomics is looking for a Molecular Biologist to join our sequencing group for a 6-month contract position.

Cofactor Genomics is a growing and rapidly evolving company seeking talented individuals to help support our R&D operations. A privately held biotechnology company based in St. Louis, Cofactor employs experimental design, next-generation sequencing, and proprietary analysis technology and pipelines to accelerate its partners' biological research, discovery, and product development in a number of scientific areas worldwide.

Key responsibilities include:
• Perform research and development activities to support Cofactor’s RNA-seq product pipeline
• Generate SOPs based on assays developed from R&D work
• Establish project timeline and milestones and report weekly progress to the team
• Generate a final report with data and protocols upon project completion.


We seek demonstrated accomplishment in the following:
• Excellent Molecular Biology skills
• Extensive experience working with RNA
• Previous experience working with non-coding RNAs is preferred
• Experience with the design and development of new assays and protocols.
• Experience with the design of quantitative real time PCR assays for gene expression studies.
• Evidence of research project completion under specific deadlines

Experience takes precedence over educational background, but we're looking for a minimum of a Master's degree with two years of relevant experience.

This is a 6-month contract position for a specific project that must be completed in this time frame.

It is important that you mesh with Cofactor's culture of commitment, creativity, interdisciplinary thinking, assertiveness, and teamwork. We're looking for someone who learns quickly and is willing to take on challenges even if they're outside their comfort zone.

How to Apply

If you've read this far and are interested in the role, please send a cover letter and CV to [email protected] with the subject line “2014-Q3 Molecular Biologist”. We encourage you to apply early. We intend to fill this position as soon as possible. Cofactor Genomics is an equal opportunity employer.

About Our Organization

Cofactor Genomics is a sequencing service provider founded in 2008 specializing in RNA sequencing (RNA-seq).
Our unique solution, Precision-Seq RNA(TM) combines molecular standards and controls with our innovative bioinformatics discovery interface ActiveSite. Precision-Seq RNA provides the optimal components necessary for determining differences in gene expression leading to variation in biology between samples.

We believe in comprehensive genomic solutions that propel researchers forward. Multiple companies handling separate parts of an experiment increase cost, communication, timelines, and study variability. Cofactor is on the cutting-edge of technology and is able to bring a suite of the most advanced, and appropriate, solutions to our client’s problems.

Cofactor Genomic’s mission is to fulfill the promise of today’s technologies by building solutions to solve the most important questions in medicine, industry, and academia.

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