Microinjectionist (Senior Research Associate)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
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Berkeley, CA
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Microinjectionist (Senior Research Associate) - 80172
Organization: GN-Genomics

The Genomics Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has an immediate opportunity for a Microinjectionist (Senior Research Associate). Under the general direction of the principal investigators, will assist with research in production of transgenic and knockout mouse models by performing pronuclear and blastocyst injections. Participate in ongoing research projects to identify regulatory elements of importance in cardiovascular, craniofacial and brain development and diseases. Collect, organize and provide preliminary analysis of the experimental data.

• Oversee aspects of transgenic and knockout production including embryo production, recovery, and day to day operation and maintenance of the transgenic facility.
• Manipulate mouse embryos to generate transgenic and knockout mice by performing the following techniques: Pronuclear and blastocyst injections, surgically implanting eggs and blastocysts into pseudopregnant mice, inducing super-ovulation in mice by injecting hormones (weekdays and weekends), identifying pseudo-pregnant recipients for embryo transfers by checking vaginal plugs, and collecting mouse eggs and blastocysts
• Perform general animal husbandry procedures (wean, ear tag, tail tip).
• Perform qualitative and quantitative assays on DNA.
• Design experiments and perform preliminary analysis and interpret results.
• Participate in ongoing research projects, analyze data and offer insight into the specifics of experimental results.
• Troubleshoot and optimize current protocols to meet scientific research goals.
• Maintain mouse lineages.
• Collect adult and embryonic mouse tissues.
• Maintain an accurate and detailed laboratory notebook of all experiments performed.
• Genotype mice by isolating genomic DNA and performing PCR.
• Communicate regularly with supervisor, and researchers regarding project progress and future needs.
• Preferred - Purify plasmid DNA for microinjections
• Preferred - Generate ES (embryonic stem) cell aggregate chimeras
• Preferred - Cryopreserve mouse eggs and sperm
• Preferred - Rederive mouse embryos


• Bachelor’s degree plus two to five years of demonstrated lab experience in biology, genetics, or related field, or overall equivalent experience; M.S./Ph.D. degree is preferred
• Substantial knowledge and understanding of transgenic and knockout technologies
• Extensive hands-on experience in performing pronuclear and blastocyst injections, and surgical procedures required for oviduct and uterine transfers
• Experience with animal husbandry procedures
• Ability to lift cages and move racks around in the mouse facility
• Demonstrated ability to serve as a technical resource, troubleshoot laboratory process problems and recommend process and database improvements
• Effective organizational and interpersonal skills for working in a team environment
• Experience in being a resource and point of contact for research technicians and students
• Ability to perform basic molecular biology techniques including genomic DNA isolation, identification of transgenic mice using PCR (polymerase chain reaction)
• Ability to maintain accurate and detailed records of experimental activity and research results
• Demonstrate ability to analyze data, tabulate results and communicate results in group meetings
• Preferred - Experience in generation of aggregation chimeras, cryopreservation of sperm and embryos, and rederivation of mice

Notes: This is a 1-year term appointment with the possibility of renewal and with the possibility of conversion to career based upon satisfactory job performance, continuing availability of funds, and ongoing operational needs. Incumbents in this position are represented by a union for collective bargaining purposes. Work will be performed at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, CA. The position may require weekend and after-hours work. A background check is required.

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How to Apply
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