Medical Scientist - Head of Molecular Oncology laboratory

SA Pathology
Job Location
Frome Road
Adelaide SA 5000
Job Description

Five year position to 31/12/21. Responsible for the initiation, development, conduct and supervision of all services provided by the Molecular Oncology Unit in the Department of Genetics and Molecular Oncology. You will implement and coordinate the translation of molecular tests to advance cancer diagnostics using next generation sequencing and other technology. Working collaboratively with the Head of Genetics and Molecular Pathology Department, the Section Head of the Leukaemia Unit, the Head of the Technology Advancement Unit and Medical Cancer Specialists, you will determine appropriate clinical testing requirements and test application processes. Participation in translational research grants and projects will be expected. Through the exercise of scientific knowledge, skills and experience, you will contribute to the strategic objectives and priorities, policies and standards of practice of the Genetics and Molecular Pathology Directorate.


Holding a PhD or Bachelor of Science or Medical Science in Genetics, Molecular Biology or a relevant discipline, you will have extensive experience in the application of molecular genetic testing for the diagnosis and monitoring of human malignancies, using advanced technology. Capable of translating research findings into effective diagnostic applications, you will display advanced critical thinking and problem solving skills. You will work well within a team environment, and past experience in training and supervising staff will be beneficial.

How to Apply

Apply online at the SA Health careers website, Adelaide. Position name: Head of Molecular Oncology.

About Our Organization

SA Pathology provides a rewarding career in a healthcare environment providing laboratory results critical to patient care and public health. We offer career development and progression opportunities through competency-based progression programs, and access to attractive salary sacrifice options.

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