Medical oncologists for Massive Bio – consultant basis

Massive Bio LLC
Job Location
New York, NY
Contract duration and pricing will be detailed after understanding your capabilities, when the scope of the assignment is detailed. Applications from outside the United States cannot be accepted.
Job Description

We are seeking medical oncologists within various sizes of hospitals, from major teaching hospitals to smaller community hospitals, as a consultant in the following areas:

- Understanding cancer genomics capabilities, both scientific and operational, at hospitals.
- Detailed understanding of slow penetration of cancer genomics in hospitals, with specific emphasis on the challenges that oncologists and patients face.
- Assessment of different types of cancer genomics tests, test ordering, and test report management process in hospitals.
- Opportunities to improve clinical utility of existing cancer genomics tests.
- Maturity and content of existing clinical decision support systems in hospitals.
- Understanding of process and decision making of integrating cancer genomics tests with traditional oncology tests like MRI, IHC, mammograms, blood marker tests, etc.
- Challenges of dealing with test reports and data from various sources, especially for an oncologist.
- Scientific evidence or experiment design to establish the clinical utility of targeted gene panels.
- Design and analysis of tracking outcomes for clinical relevance in hospitals.
- Challenges for negotiating reimbursement options for cancer genomics tests and report interpretation services.



- Specialized in one or more cancers of breast, prostate, lung, colorectal, melanoma or hematological malignancies.
- Knowledgeable about cancer genomics and have ordered cancer genomics tests and interpreted their reports in the last 6 months.
- Familiar with cell signaling pathways, the various ways they can be perturbed in cancer, and subsequent treatment strategies.
- Experience in designing and running clinical trials based on multi-gene genomics panels, is preferred.
- At least 5 years of experience after residency with outstanding recommendations from colleagues and patients alike.


About Our Organization

Massive Bio is a healthcare informatics startup specializing in designing best practices and customized workflows for cancer diagnostics, that interpret genome sequence data and deliver simple and intuitive clinically relevant reports, closely integrated with patient specific clinical information. We started our journey with cancer but our workflows can be extended for other therapeutic areas, that benefit from next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms.

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