Medical Assistant

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center & Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Job Location
Seattle, WA
Job Description

The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, located in Seattle, Washington, is part of a dynamic collaboration among three organizations known nationally and internationally for their patient care and research: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, University of Washington, and Seattle Children's.

Over the past 25 years, these institutions have worked together to support their mission of adult and pediatric oncology patient care services, research and education. Join us and make a difference!

The Medical Assistant will participate as a team member in the overall functioning of the clinic. The Medical Assistant will be responsible for the flow of the patients for assigned providers each day. They will perform duties described below in a busy, fast paced Women's Center. The Medical Assistant functions under the direction of the Clinical Staff Supervisor/Nurse Manager.

- Documents vital signs, weight, height, allergies, medication refills and pain status accurately per clinic policy.
- Places patients in exam room at appointed clinic visit time on a consistent basis.
- Communicates appropriately to providers in regards to clinic flow (e.g. names and information on white board, keeps providers informed of issues that affect pt flow, etc)
- Attentive to patient arrival utilizing both screen, outguides and waiting area.
- Recognizes symptomalogy of common medical illnesses, abnormal vs., and new/existing pain and reports to RN and/or provider
- Assists RN and provider with procedures, clerical tasks, preparation for surgery and other requests to keep clinic flow efficient.
- Prepares specimens and paperwork correctly to go to the lab
- Cleans exam room in between patients per clinic protocol

- Prints appropriate paperwork ahead of time per clinic guidelines. Day of clinic places this in front of patient chart.
- Prints same day lab values as available for clinic visit. If patient is roomed while labs are still pending continues to check to ensure provider gets lab report.
- Prints a provider schedules prior to day of clinic and documents other pertinent information on that schedule (pts other appts at SCCA same day, procedure to be done, etc.)
- Prints a provider schedule each morning for each provider assigned.
- Logs onto computer and has appropriate computer program accessed.
- Assures appropriate packets of information required for that clinic are available.
- Assures appropriate supplies and forms are available and ready for use for known procedures before clinic begins.
- Communicates with colleagues (RN, LPN, MA, MD, ARNP, PA-C) before clinic begins regarding schedule to ensure they are aware of the needs for that clinic day
- Maintains supplies and forms in exam rooms, physician work rooms and procedure carts
- Pulls charts for HIM and locates any missing chart

Able to perform or assist with operative and invasive procedures as specific competencies are completed. See skills checklist/competencies included in or added to the orientation checklist.

- Participates in orienting new staff to the clinic.
- Participates in process improvement initiatives in the clinic.
- Maintains appearance and cleanliness of the clinic (exam rooms and physician workrooms).
- Responds to clinic emergencies per protocol.
- Responds to disasters and drills per protocol
- Gives report to late LPN/MA and covering LPN/MA prior to leaving for lunch and end of day.
- Other duties as assigned

- Provides for patient and staff safety
- Acts as a liaison between patients/families and health care providers.

- Communicates in a professional tone and with respect in interactions with patients, colleagues and providers.
- Able to give feedback directly to colleagues and providers in a timely manner. Does not use email or voicemail to give feedback. If feedback not well received, notifies manager or supervisor.
- Communicates concerns or problems to manager or supervisor in professional and timely manner.

HIPPA - Patient Privacy
- Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of patient privacy rights. Maintains confidentiality of all medical, financial, or other sensitive materials and information in printed, electronic or verbal form, which may jeopardize the privacy of patients. Accesses and uses the minimum necessary patient identifiable information to perform job responsibilities and duties and only for authorized purposes.
HIPPA - Employee Privacy
Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of, and maintains confidentiality of employee information and SCCA strategic plans and initiatives, financial information or other sensitive materials and information in printed, electronic or verbal form, which may jeopardize employee rights or organization's operations. Accesses and uses the minimum necessary employee and organization information to perform job responsibilities and duties and only for authorized purposes.

- Certification as a Medical Assistant through the state of Washington
- Strong written and verbal communication skill
- Ability to multi-task, prioritize and problem solve
- Ability to work in a fast paced environment
- Ability to communicate effectively
- Ability to work under pressure

- Gynecological clinic experience
- Minimum 6 mos experience

If interested, please apply online at

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