Manufacturing Technician II/III

Sevident Inc.
Job Location
3563 Arden Rd
Hayward, CA 94545
Commensurate with experience

Succesful applicants are entitled to a competitive salary and benefits package

Job Description

Sevident is currently hiring a Manufacturing Technician II/III to help with quality assessment and prototype manufacturing. The Manufacturing Technician will be responsible for day-to-day quality and manufacturing including prototype manufacturing, reagent qualification, standard operating procedure set up, documentation, and participation in project management activities.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Assess quality of incoming materials and reagents.
  • Build product subassemblies or final assemblies.
  • Plan and lay out work to meet production and schedule requirements.
  • Monitor and adjust production processes or equipment for quality and productivity.
  • Set up and prepare standard operating procedures, manufacturing batch records, inventory reports, productivity reports, keep production logs.
  • Build packaging and package finished products.
  • Adhere to all applicable regulations, policies, and procedures for health, safety, and environmental compliance.
  • Identifying and implementing technology to improve safety, quality, efficiency and/or regulatory compliance.
  • Support and contribute to team by participating in brainstorming, troubleshooting, and planning meetings.
  • Work on multiple projects and products with varying platforms and end-point assays
  • Ensure that the lab is clean, well-organized, supplies are well stocked and all relevant documentation is up to date


Key Attributes

  • Disciplined and detailed worker:  Cares about details and precision – builds systems and deliberate habits; seeks out feedback needed to improve. Able to also perform repetitive work. Enjoys structuring and streamlining procedures and documentation.
  • Patient problem solver: Able to patiently work through troubleshooting a problem in the lab with the team – solves problems in a resourceful and creative way
  • Resilient: Thrives in ambiguous situations, unfazed by uncertainty. Remains calm in crises, creates clarity where it is lacking. Helps others stay steady and focused in stressful situations
  • Strong Communication: Able to bring together numbers, method and charts in order to give others a clear and vivid picture of what’s happening, what matters and what choices are on the table to take action
  • Collaborator: Effective in connecting the dots with and across teams but is also able to work and deliver projects independently


  • BA/BS in Chemistry, Microbiology, Biology, Life Sciences, or a related discipline
  • 2+ Years experience in a Manufacturing role within the Life Sciences
  • Prior Lab and/or Manufacturing experience in Industry, working under Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel with experience in data analysis


Nice to Have:

  • Previous experience in a start-up environment is a plus
  • Previous experience with PCR, Protein Chemistry, and Immunoassays
  • Familiarity with working in a BSL2 laboratory
How to Apply

Please e-mail your resume and a cover letter explaining your qualifications for the role to [email protected]

About Our Organization

Sevident Inc. is a growing life sciences company whose mission is to develop powerful, rapid, and cost effective diagnostics and tools for clinical, industrial, and research settings. Our patented nanotechnology uses a 3D molecular biomatrix platform (known as “NETs”) to capture and detect a variety of diverse sample targets in minutes. The technology has a wide range of biological applications in sample prep, drug delivery, and point-of-care disease diagnostics, and can be adapted for single or multiplex evaluation of proteins, nucleic acids, and whole cells. As a result, Sevident is actively expanding into a breadth of R&D areas ranging from emerging diseases to the human microbiome to achieve a meaningful impact in science and medicine.

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