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Manager, Genomics Platform Operations

McGill Genome Centre
Job Location
740 Ave. Dr Penfield
Montreal, QC H9S5E6
Commensurate with experience

Full benefits through McGill University, including a supplemental health plan and pension plan. See details at and

Job Description

We are currently seeking a motivated and experienced individual for the position of Manager, Genomics Platform Operations. Reporting in a matrix fashion to both the Head of the Genomic Sciences and the Deputy Director of the McGill Genome Centre, the incumbent will provide organizational and high-level technical leadership across the full range of genomics operations at the Centre. Direct reports include: research personnel responsible for the sequencing, genotyping, and other manipulations of nucleic acids as part of the core production platform. Job duties will include:

Core platform operations

  • Plan, organize and monitor sequencing, genotyping and associated technologies (e.g., DNA/RNA extraction) to meet the needs of platform projects
  • Plan and implement workflows and related processes to support the production platform, including establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and ensuring they are followed precisely
  • Lead the team of managers and research assistants performing day-to-day work on sequencing equipment that currently includes state-of the-art Illumina, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore Technologies instruments, as well as supporting instrumentation (e.g., liquid handling robotics)
  • Direct a team of managers that oversee genotyping sectors of the core platform (including Illumina and Axiom)
  • Monitor data quality and troubleshoot problems
  • Manage teams of technicians and oversee processes pertaining to next generation DNA sequencing; including sample preparation and DNA-quantification, DNA library preparation, sequencer operation
  • Oversee maintenance of the instrument fleet, ensuring sequencers and other technologies are in serviceable order, including engaging and coordinating third party service when required and troubleshooting when appropriate
  • Oversee and ensure smooth interface of work flows associated with genomics technology operations with our technology development, bioinformatics, IT, project management, and academic research groups
  • In coordination with the project management group, manage the maintenance of the Centre’s biological sample resources
  • In conjunction with the Project Management group, act a as resource for platform users, including McGill and external faculty and other scientists, providing informed advice on technology and application choice, as well as experiment design
  • Implement robust workflows for established sequencing applications for targeted capture, WGS, epigenomics applications, transcriptome applications, etc.
  • Provide a trusted viewpoint to PI leadership for planning for the continued development of the production platform 
  • Contribute to the writing of project proposals, grants and manuscripts utilizing genomics technologies

 Technology development

  • Propose implementation of new technologies for the platform and for Centre research initiatives
  • Oversee the transfer and integration of new technological developments into the production environment from the Technology Development group
  • Collaborate and assist the Technology Development group and McGill Genome Centre PIs on application, development of new methodologies
  • Identify, develop, test and implement novel methods and technology pertinent to the research conducted by our users
  • Optimize and supervise the continued enhancement of protocols and processes (protocol optimization, adaptation for high-throughput, etc.) used on the platform and for Centre research initiatives
  • Assist in appraisal and evaluation new technologies
  • Maintain knowledge of the latest trends and technologies in this field

 Administrative and Project Management Duties

  • Assist in the generation and update of cost models for genomics activities
  • Assist in the generation of Scope of Work documentation
  • Use LIMS and user-facing project software
  • Initiate purchases of consumables according to administrative SOPs
  • Follow administrative SOPs
  • Provide reports on project status, including estimated timelines
  • Monitor instrument capacity with the ability to rapidly provide reports that include forecasts of instrument availability
  • Provide feedback to Project Management and others on timelines / deliverables for particular projects 
  • Participate in the establishment of operational budgets
  • Monitor activities of the group to identify the potential for technical and administrative efficiencies
  • Staff (manager and technician) scheduling
  • Ensure instruments are maintained under service contracts
  • Work closely with the Project Management and Administrative groups to ensure the alignment of platform activity with staffing, advise senior management on this at regular intervals
  • Assist with business planning activities, such as volume forecasts, cost calculations and establishing user pricing
  • Help negotiate consumable and other purchases
  • Determine schedules for consumable and other purchases required for the day-to-day activities of the production platform
  • Help to formulate, propose and implement business and management goals, policies and procedures to meet objectives defined by McGill Genome Centre leadership
  • Supervise employees (establish yearly objectives and evaluate employees’ performance)

• PhD degree in Genetics, Genomics or a related field of study;
• Strong background in genetics and genomics research, with a thorough understanding of next generation sequencing;
• Demonstrated managerial ability in academic, high-throughput next generation sequencing core lab environment;
• Demonstrated experience providing next generation sequencing solutions for large scale projects;
• Demonstrated ability to integrating genomics activities into large multinational projects; coordinate technical activities within an administrative structure; lead large teams of research assistants in next generation sequencing and other genomics activities; scientific writing and communication skills;
• Strong organizational and time management skills with emphasis on accuracy and attention to detail;


How to Apply

Please submit your application to:
The following supporting documents are required: A cover letter and Curriculum Vitae (in 1 pdf file)

About Our Organization

The McGill Genome Centre advances genomics in medical research through its research programs and other major initiatives. We provide a cutting-edge integrated research environment that harnesses the most recent advances in genomics and other areas of large-scale biology, with quantitative methodology and computational analysis for breakthroughs in medical and life sciences research. The Centre operates technology platforms under mandates from the Canada foundation for Innovation Major Science Initiative (CGEn) and Genome Canada’s Genome Technology Platform program. Out platforms serve as important resources supporting genomics for internal research, as well as for external research at the institutional, provincial, and national levels.

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