MACHINE LEARNING (and in particular DEEP LEARNING) SPECIALIST Computer Scientists and Software Engineers

Job Location
200 Cardinal Way
Redwood City, CA 94063
Job Description

Position SummaryMachine learning in general, and deep learning in particular, has provided a diverse set of breakthroughs whereby machines are matching or exceeding domain specific human expertise and performance. Largely without exception these breakthroughs have been enabled by access to vast data sets in these specific domains. Our ultra-deep next generation sequencing across a very broad panel of genes and the entire genome will enable similarly impressive breakthroughs in predicting cancer and the nature of that cancer in currently asymptomatic patients. If you have strong skills and experience in developing learning systems our scientists and medical professionals will work with you to develop the learning algorithms that will help save lives. Quality and operational excellence are our joint responsibility and to that end each and every one of us takes ownership of the quality our products from design, through implementation, testing and production; we review code before check-in, have thorough unit and integration tests, continuous integration and reproducible production deployments that we take jointly operate. 

About Our Organization

Our mission is to “detect cancer early, when it can be cured” and we will build all of the computer systems and software necessary to realize that goal. We are building the capability to accept very large numbers of blood samples and provide a sample specific clinical report of the utmost accuracy and reliability. As our team grows our job postings and descriptions will become more specific and detailed. While our team is small we are providing broader descriptions and we will subsequently match successful candidates to positions and projects. 

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