Licensed Practical Nurse, SCCA at Evergreen

Seattle Cancer Care Alliance
Job Location
Seattle, WA
Job Description

The Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) assists in the delivery of patient care under the direction and supervision of a Registered Nurse. Contributes to assessment, assists in development of plan of care, implements aspects of care as directed, maintains client safety, participates in evaluating care and delegates care to qualified others.

Provides individualized nursing care to patients in accordance with established guidelines, nursing care standards, scope of practice and within SCCA policies and procedures.

Demonstrates phlebotomy and venous access skills:
- Demonstrates proficiency blood draws from Central Venous Catheters.
- Demonstrates proficiency in blood draws from PICC catheters.
- Demonstrates proficiency in blood draws from access Port-a-caths.
- Demonstrates proficiency in phlebotomy from peripheral veins

Performs coordinated nursing assessment of tunneled, non-tunneled catheters and PICC catheters. Documents catheter access, blood removal, flush and patent status in EMR.
- Places peripheral IV's and initiates and monitors IV fluids and IV medications in accordance with LPN scope of practice and SCCA policy.
- Administers medications, injections and vaccines as ordered by a licensed provider and within LPN scope of practice and SCCA policy.
- Obtains and records patient data prior to MD/ARNP visit or infusion visit including but not limited to VS, height, weight, allergies, pain, fall risk and medications.
- Responds to and refers incoming telephone calls as appropriate.
- Performs ECG and oximetry as ordered.
- Performs limited assessment and triage and records and reports patient condition and reaction to drugs and treatments to RN and/or MD/ARNP.
- Obtains blood specimens via phlebotomy as ordered Labels collected specimens as required in the Alliance Laboratory specimen labeling policy & procedure.

Participates in promoting a safe work environment as evidenced by:
- Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment where required
- Disposes of sharps appropriately.
- Utilizes standard/universal precautions in the collection and handling of specimens.
- Follows SCCA hand hygiene requirements.

Records variances of standard practice and/or policies & procedures in Patient Safety Net accurately where required.
- Provide teaching and education to patients according to the policies of the clinic and provides a communication link between the patients and their physician/care team.
- Answers patient questions appropriately and demonstrates behavior that maintains and respects patients' rights and privacy.
- Teamwork and Collaboration: Upholds a positive and non-intimidating workplace
- Team member treats others with professionalism and respect.
- Team member works collaboratively to solve problems.
- Team member does not criticize or blame others.
- Team member communicates in a truthful and direct manner.
- Team member respects thoughts and ideas of others

Culture of Safety: Takes action to protect healthcare recipients from harm
- Team member is knowledgeable of SCCA safe practice guidelines, policies and understands the safe practice performance expectations that apply to their specific role or job duties.
- Team member views safety as a top priority and works to prevent harm to patients and others.
- Team member speaks up and advocates for patient safety when it is being compromised.
- Team member reports errors and near misses that occur in the workplace objectively and in a non-blaming manner.
- Team member participates in open communication about errors, near misses in an atmosphere of trust and respect.
- Team member views errors and near misses that occur in the workplace as opportunities to improve SCCA systems and processes; provides recommendations for improvement.

Patient-Family Centered Care: Provides care and services to patients and families in a respectful, caring, and professional manner.
- Team member supports a culture of service to our patients and families.
- Team member encourages patients and families to ask questions and be involved in their care.
- Team member asks questions to understand individual patient and family preferences, needs and values.
- Team member keeps families informed with timely, complete and accurate information.
- Team member ensures that patient and family preferences and values guide all clinical care and service decisions.
- Team member works with the PFCC department to incorporate applicable input from Patient and Family Advisors.
- HIPAA - Patient Privacy:Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of patient privacy rights. Maintains confidentiality of all medical, financial, or other sensitive materials and information in printed, electronic or verbal form, which may jeopardize the privacy of patients. Accesses and uses the minimum necessary patient identifiable information to perform job responsibilities and duties and only for authorized purposes
- HIPAA - Employee Privacy:Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of, and maintains confidentiality of employee information and SCCA strategic plans and initiatives, financial information or other sensitive materials and information in printed, electronic or verbal form, which may jeopardize employee rights or organization's operations. Accesses and uses the minimum necessary employee and organization information to perform job responsibilities and duties and only for authorized purposes.

- Current Licensure in the State of Washington as a Licensed Practical Nurse
- Current BLS certification

- Previous LPN experience preferred
- Ability to perform phlebotomy via venipuncture and through central venous catheters, including port-a-cath and PICC
- IV certification (can be obtained within the organization)
- One year or greater of oncology experience and/or experience in an ambulatory setting

- Ability to work in a fast paced environment, demonstrating flexibility, time management and strong written and verbal communication skills.
- Basic computer skills related to documentation of nursing activity and retrieval of patient information

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