Lead/Director, Pipeline and Bioinformatics Group

Job Location
458 Brannan St.
San Francisco, CA 94107

Full Benefits

Job Description

We have an opening for an experienced group leader who can bring their knowledge of bioinformatics and software delivery to lead and mentor our team of talented bioinformatics engineers and scientists. The successful candidate will lead a growing team that is building robust infrastructure, sophisticated computational biology algorithms and bioinformatics analysis capabilities. We use agile design and implementation practices coupled with the careful validation and documentation required in a clinical environment. At Invitae we thrive by combining the best ideas and practices from molecular biology, bioinformatics, genetics, and clinical testing to improve healthcare for everyone. Working with us will give you an opportunity to use your technical skills to do real and tangible good -- impacting the lives of patients, families, and future generations to come.


  • Provides leadership and mentorship for our analysis pipeline and bioinformatics group (6-8 members)
  • Helps define strategic vision for computational biology and bioinformatics at Invitae.
  • Works across Invitae to provide bioinformatics support for new assays, analysis methods and pipelines.
  • Hiring a world-class bioinformatics engineering team.
  • Helps set guidance for best software practices for the pipeline and bioinformatics team and contributes to leadership across the software team.
  • Senior contributor for algorithms, validation work, and pipeline design
  • Ph.D. in bioinformatics, computational biology, physical sciences, or computer science
  • 7-10+ years of industry experience, minimum of 5 years experience managing people and software projects. 
  •  Experience with all phases of the software development life cycle (design, implementation, testing, release, branching, etc…)
  • Strong knowledge of next-generation sequencing analysis, bioinformatics databases for genetic variation (e.g., RefSeq, ClinVar, dbSNP, HGMD, UCSC), statistics and data visualization.
  • Strong knowledge of computational biology algorithms for genomic analysis (alignment, variant calling, GWAS, statistical genetics)
  • Demonstrated experience in new assay development and analysis in genomics.
  • Strong proficiency in a scripting language such as python (preferred) or perl.
  • Good proficiency with statistical applications such as R, Matlab, Spotfire
  • Familiarity with high-performance computing, large data set analysis
About Our Organization

Invitae envisions a world in which genomic sequencing routinely informs lifelong health care decisions. We provide comprehensive, rapid, and affordable genome sequencing and clinically relevant interpretations of genomic data. We are committed to enabling the utilization of genomic data in order to improve health, catalyze scientific and medical research, and contribute to improved outcomes for everyone. Invitae is an open, title-free company that operates as a meritocracy. We focus intently on our ability to deliver reliable solutions that contribute to improving people's lives. We ruthlessly eliminate overhead and policies that interfere with productivity. We have excellent benefits. Our San Francisco location is in the hip SOMA neighborhood, near great restaurants. Our office in Palo Alto is right on University Ave. Both are a couple of blocks away from CalTrain. Many of us bike or take public transit to work. We work hard during the week and we rest on the weekends.

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