Lead-Software Developer

Advanced Biological Laboratories (ABL)
Job Location
75000 EUR

Standard french benefits

Job Description

Covers the software development life cycle (SLDC) of one product of company's portfolio with appropriate documentation for analysis, test cases writing, estimates, implementation, programming, testing, stand-up meetings, feedback, pair-programming. Integrates a multi-talented team of software developers, product managers, support and sys admin

  • Web development: LAMP but also MEAN stack
  • Being a ++++ : Windev, HyperFileSQL, 
  • Other: PHP5/HTML/Javascript, Java, Python
  • Spealking: English and French
  • At least 2 years experience in WINDEV
How to Apply

Contact us at jobs@ablsa.com

About Our Organization

Advanced Biological Laboratories (ABL), S.A., is a Medical Data Technology company founded in 2000 as a spin-off from CRP-Santé Luxembourg. ABL took control of TherapyEdge, Inc. in 2004 and in 2013 acquired the rights to all viral hepatitis B & C related assets from EVIVAR MEDICAL, respectively. ABL has a comprehensive suite of healthcare management products, including TherapyEdge®, ViroScore®, SeqHepB, DeepChek®, VisibleChek®, HepatiC® and the DPM which are used for data and patient management, monitoring and personalized reporting applications. In 2012, some of ABL's products also received CE-marking for IVD use. ABL's products, ViroScore® Suite and DeepChek®, are for research use only in the United States, and the upcoming data processing module is a FDA registered class I medical device. ABL's products offer infectious disease clinicians and virology laboratories optimal and efficient IT solutions for sequencing, clinical genotyping and drug resistance analysis, including powerful fully integrated databases and analysis systems that combe standard and high-throughput Next Generation Sequencing data. ABL's DeepChek® SingleRound HIV and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Genotyping and Sequencing assays are the first two in its virology reagents portfolio. These are currently available for Research Use Only.

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