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Lead Plant Cell Biology

Job Location
110 TW Alexander Drive
Durham, NC 27703
United States
Job Description

The plant cell biology lead will be responsible for developing and deploying rapid transient assays to test genome editing tools in a variety of species using several plant tissue and cell systems.  The lead will also use molecular genetics and cell biology approaches to drive, in collaboration with other R&D functions, the identification, and testing of genes important for efficient embryo formation and regeneration.  This senior scientist will manage a team of Ph.D. scientists and research associates that will deliver critical enabling technologies to support both the development of novel gene editing technologies as well as product concepts. This role will also be part of Pairwise’s scientific team and report to the head of gene editing tools. This position will be critical to not only building the scientific strategy but also the culture of our R&D organization as the company grows.


  • Manage the plant cell biology team to develop and maintain rapid transient assays in plant tissues and cells from a variety of plant species
  • Drive continuous innovation related to rapid testing of gene editing technologies in plant cells and tissues
  • Collaborate across R&D to drive discovery and validation of genes useful for stimulating embryogenesis and regeneration in plants
  • Identify, hire and retain the best scientific talent from cell biology, plant physiology and transformation biology
  • Collaborate with universities and other scientific organizations to bring diverse thought into Pairwise


  • Ph.D. in Botany, Plant Science, Plant Physiology, Cell Biology or related field focused on plant-based research with a strong preference to a demonstrated track record of success in creating, maintaining and manipulating plant tissues and cells to asses gene function
  • 5+ years’ experience managing scientific teams
  • Strong track record of formulating research programs
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver scientific results in a cross-functional environment
About Our Organization

Pairwise believes healthy food should be affordable, convenient, and sustainable.  We believe gene editing can be used to accelerate plant breeding in leveraging the natural genetic diversity in agricultural crops to address global food challenges.  We are bringing the benefits of these new innovations both to producers and directly to consumers through the produce aisle of their local grocery store.  Located in the Raleigh-Durham metro area, Pairwise was formed in 2017 and has plans to add about 100 employees over the next year to help meet our aggressive product development goals. 

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