Laboratory Scientist

GenePeeks, Inc.
Job Location
St. Louis, MO 63132
  • Competitive Salary

  • Stock Options

  • Comprehensive Health and Dental benefits.

  • Apple equipment

  • Your coworkers are as passionate about applied genetics as they are about climbing, sailing, biking, and Game of Thrones! (and Harry Potter)
Job Description

We are looking for a highly motivated and team-oriented Laboratory Scientist with strong expertise in Next-Generation Sequencing and other DNA technologies. The successful applicant will work closely with other scientists and a team of computational geneticists in the development of novel methods for analyzing the risk of transmitting genetic disease from parents to children. You must possess excellent communication, organization and planning skills, while applying your scientific background in a highly technical capacity.


Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Design, develop and validate customized NGS targeted enrichment panels and other molecular genomic assays.

  • Assist in automating and streamlining workflows in both current and future pipelines while reviewing and reporting results in our LIMS

  • Help to develop SOPs for novel NGS-based methods and assist in transitioning assays for use in our clinical diagnostic laboratories

  • Use and maintain laboratory equipment, such as liquid handling robots, various Next Generation Sequencing instruments and other lab devices.

  • Identify and troubleshoot laboratory related-issues that adversely affect the test performance.

  • Perform, review and document laboratory quality control procedures.

  • Assist with training of new laboratory personnel.


Attributes we find important

  • Graduate degree in Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Biochemistry or related field is a plus

  • 3+ years laboratory experience

  • 1+ years of demonstrated experience with next-generation sequencing technologies highly preferred

  • Ability to multitask is a must, along with an orientation toward teamwork

  • Strong creative thinking and problem solving skills;

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills required.

About Our Organization

GenePeeks is a fast-paced computational genetics start-up that uses the DNA sequences of two prospective parents to determine the risk of disease in their potential children, prior to conception.  Our innovative computational system allows us to embrace the rapid pace of advancement in the field of personal genomics. We are looking to hire brilliant and enthusiastic developers, engineers, designers, bioinformaticians, and scientists who have the drive and talent to build beautiful software tools that give coworkers, consumers, or researchers the ability to analyze or explore personal genome data in pursuit of our mission to prevent heritable disease.

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