Laboratory Animal Clinical Vet

Job Location
Frederick, MD 21703
Job Description

We are looking for a Laboratory Animal Clinical Veterinarian, in Frederick, MD working at USAMRIID

Job Responsibilities:

The contractor shall serve as a Laboratory Animal Clinical Veterinarian, providing clinical and research support at various levels of biocontainment, including animal biosafety levels (ABSL) - 2, 3, and 4. The contractor shall assist military veterinarians in providing clinical medicine services for laboratory animals, to include but not limited to non-human primates, rodents, rabbits and large animal species. Clinical medicine services include routine physical examinations and evaluation, and diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and injuries.

Travel to local (75 mile radius) research facilities to observe and learn surgical techniques or develop novel clinical approaches to facilitate animal care at USAMRIID.  Attend one local or national continuing education veterinary conference annually, as approved by Director, VMD (or designated representative) (examples of acceptable conferences are AALAS, NAVC, AVMA, ACVIM, etc.). 

Job Description

The candidate will be expected to perform the following specific tasks:

  • Perform surgical procedures as required for treatment of research animal illnesses or injuries and in support of research protocols.
  • Provide clinical oversight of veterinary technicians to ensure proper clinical procedures are followed.
  • Perform/assist with imaging procedures such as radiography and ultrasound.
  • Provide instructions to veterinary technicians and animal caretakers for any required treatments or other follow-up procedures or observations.
  • Document clinical and surgical procedures in animal medical records and surgery log books using the forms provided.
  • Document medical evaluations and treatments in animal medical records in the Subjective-Objective-Assessment-Plan (SOAP) format using the forms provided.
  • As required by specific animal research protocols, documentation shall be performed to standards required by the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) regulations.
  • Immediately notify the TPOC, TOCOR, or Director, VMD (or designated representative) of any treatment, diagnostic, or surgery failures so follow-up actions can be initiated.
  • Monitor certification/maintenance dates on medical equipment and notify the TPOC, TOCOR and Medical Maintenance personnel in a timely fashion of certifications that are coming due.
  • Provide training to USAMRIID personnel as requested by TPOC, TOCOR, or Director, VMD (or designated representative).  Some areas of instruction may include, but are not limited to physical examination and observation of animals, collection of various biosamples, safe work practices, and procedures and topics of interest in the animal research environment.
  • Notify the TPOC, TOCOR and VMD personnel assigned to clinical sections of medical supply and instrument needs.
  • Gather and maintain documentation attesting to proof of education, training, experience, and professional certifications (must maintain current state licensure to practice veterinary medicine).  These items will be made available for TPOC, TOCOR, or Director, VMD (or designated representative) review as requested.
  • Inform TPOC, TOCOR, or Director, VMD (or designated representative) or designated technical point of contact of any planned/unplanned absences to ensure mission requirements are met.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • DVM with a minimum of five (5) years’ experience in Veterinary clinical medicine at the time of hire
  • Must be a licensed in the United States as veterinarian
  • Experience in an animal research environment is preferred
  • The Contractor shall be knowledgeable in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Variable work hours, to include 24/7 coverage, evenings/nights, and/or weekends may apply as requested by COR or TOCOR to meet mission requirements
  • Enrollment in the Biological Personnel Reliability Program (BPRP) for handling select agents is required and must be maintained
  • Must be a US citizen


How to Apply

Please Email your name, resume and job title to



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