LabEx Milieu Interieur Senior Data Scientist Open position at Institut Pasteur (Paris, France)

Institut Pasteur (Paris, France)
Job Location
25 rue du Dr Roux
75724 Paris
Salary will depend on previous experience.
Job Description


LabEx Milieu Interieur Senior Data Scientist

Open position at Institut Pasteur (Paris, France)


In the framework of the LabEx consortium « Milieu Intérieur » (MI), a position as the lead data scientist is open at the Institut Pasteur in Paris. The goal of the MI consortium is to define the naturally-occurring variation of the human immune responses to an unprecedented scale. Thousands of aspects of the variation of the immune response (i.e., gene expression, protein variation, cellular phenotypes, etc.) to pathogens and immune stimuli are being defined in a large cohort of 1000 healthy individuals that was established in 2013. Currently available data sets for the 1000 donors include extensive demographic information, whole genome genotyping, transcriptomic and proteomic phenotypes, and microbiome profiles with much additional analysis still ongoing and planned. The integration of these datasets will allow us to evaluate the respective impact of genetic, environmental and sociocultural factors on the inter-individual variability of the immune response, which in turn can account for differences in susceptibility to infectious disease, and response to therapeutic treatment and vaccines.


The candidate will be responsible for data management and analyses in the context of this project and will work in a multidisciplinary team that integrates immunology, human genetics, evolutionary biology and systems biology. This ambitious project needs cutting-edge and innovative methods for the statistical analyses of the data. We look for a candidate with strong experience in large-scale data analyses (data mining), advanced tools in statistical inference and excellent programming skills in R. We expect the candidate to have a strong interest in the development of new statistical approaches and a rigorous approach to data management. Knowledge of genomics and biology is not necessary but will be appreciated.


The applicant should have a PhD, or equivalent degree, in Bioinformatics or Data Science plus several years of experience in these fields. Team spirit and dynamism are essential as well as an independent working attitude, a willingness to learn and a high degree of flexibility.

How to Apply

Contact: To apply, send your CV and a letter describing your research interests and skills (in a single pdf file) to Dr Darragh Duffy, [email protected]


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