Lab Technician 100%

Sophia Genetics
Job Location
Rue du Centre 174
1025 St.-Sulpice
Job Description

We are seeking an enthusiastic, proactive and organized individual to join our research and development team, able to adapt to our continually evolving environment. You will need to be comfortable talking directly to colleagues that have a wide range of technical knowledge, in an international environment. We prize intellectual ability over experience, with an aptitude to learn and challenge the status quo.

Your main responsibilities include, but are not limited to

-        Preparing NGS libraries and sequencing using different technologies
-        Getting hands-on experience on emerging NGS technologies
-        Working closely with a team of molecular biologists and bioinformaticians to execute experiments that answer key questions about genetic targets and disease pathways
-        Evaluating protocols from different technologies
-        Ensuring the laboratory is well-stocked and resourced
-        Maintaining and operating standard laboratory equipment
-        Being able to communicate in English and in French

Starting as soon as possible


Your profile

-        Lab technician degree or equivalent (e.g. Swiss CFC)
-        Proven experience and strong background in molecular biology techniques
-        Good knowledge in NGS technologies and hands-on experience in Sequencing platforms
-        2-5 years of relevant industrial, academic or clinical experience
-        Willing to travel (up to 10%)

About Our Organization

About Sophia Genetics

Sophia Genetics helps clinical laboratories that perform routine clinical genetic analysis for personalized healthcare to overcome the cost and complexity related to the bioinformatics analysis, highly secured banking and reliable interpretation of the massive quantity of patient data generated by Next Generation Sequencing.  We are situated at St Sulpice, near Lausanne; 5 minutes walk from Lake Geneva. Our goal is to simplify and enhance genetic testing providing the most efficient bioinformatics solution for clinical genetic data analysis.

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