Internship or Full Time Bioinformatics Engineer

Viome Inc
Job Location
723 N Shoreline Blvd
Mountain View, CA 94043
Job Description

Please send your resume for further consideration to:    rene at viome dot com

Full Time Bioinformatics Engineer (or Internship)

We are seeking an energetic Bioinformatics Engineer who can work as part of a team. This position in Mountain View, CA.

The successful applicant will need to:

  • ●  Quickly learn the structure of the existing software.

  • ●  Run, monitor and troubleshoot existing Bioinformatic workflows.

  • ●  Be able to modify the existing software and/or re-write it in a more efficient language.

  • ●  Assist in the development and optimization of new tools for gut microbiome and human

    transcriptome genomic data analysis.

  • Please send your resume to rene at viome dot com for further consideration.

  • Kind regards,
    Rene B Lopez

  • Job requirements:

  • ●  Must be able to legally work in the US.

  • ●  Candidates with a BS, MS or Phd in a relevant career.

  • ●  Expertise in Python (required), C++ (desired), Perl (desired), Scala (desired).

  • ●  Expertise in Linux and Shell programming (required).

  • ●  Familiarity with source code revision control such as git, svn or related systems.

  • ●  Experience working with NGS data and common bioinformatics tools (bwa/bowtie,

    samtools, bedtools).

    Preferred Skills and Expertise:

  • ●  Familiarity with Amazon's EC2, RDS and S3.

  • ●  Experience with microbiology and microbiome literature.

  • ●  Experience in analysis of microbiome next generation sequencing data.

  • ●  Experience in analysis of human transcriptome next generation sequencing data.

  • ●  Experience in gut microbiome (metatranscriptomics) analysis.

  • ●  Experience in the development of bioinformatics tools for genomic data analysis.

  • ●  Experience in the development of bioinformatic pipelines and workflows.

  • ●  Experience in the validation and optimization of bioinformatic tools .

  • ●  Familiarity with and experience in the use of NCBI and other common gene, protein and

    pathway annotations sources and databases.

  • ●  Experience with of taxonomy and taxonomic classification systems.

How to Apply


Please send resume to rene at viome dot com


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