Instrumentation Software Engineer

Job Location
2477 55th Street
Boulder, CO 80301
We offer competitive compensation and generous benefits programs.
Job Description

We are seeking a highly-motivated, self-driven and experienced individual to join a cross-functional team of instrument developers in Boulder, Colorado. You will become a member of ArcherDX’s team developing cutting-edge workflow automation technology for our proprietary AMP chemistry platform for NGS-based diagnostics. Enjoy a fast-paced, dynamic environment and a culture of collaboration to take on any task and get the job done. The instrumentation software engineer will design, develop, test and deploy instrumentation and application software for research and clinical applications.

  • Develop and integrate firmware, software, and user interfaces from early concept phase and guide the development and release to manufacturing
  • Rapid prototyping of systems with valve actuation, linear robotics, TECs, electric motors and sensors
  • Produce professional documentation and presentations
  • Development of GUIs for prototyping and commercial systems
  • Work with other disciplines (EE, ME, SW) to define requirements, design, test, and debug embedded systems
About Our Organization

We are ArcherDX, a Boulder, Colorado-based emerging leader in next-generation DNA sequencing technology used to detect cancer mutations in clinical sample types. We are scientists, developers and engineers using precision genomics to make personalized medicine a reality. We are exciting people that rock climb, snowshoe, race motorcycles, ski, volunteer and brew beer. We enjoy an open work environment with a collaborative culture that breeds success. We are highly focused people that recognize talent, expect hard work and reward openly. We also kick back after work and enjoy pool, foosball, quadcopter wars and the weekly brew. 

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