ImmunoOncology/Immunology Scientist

Becton Dickinson
Job Location
Menlo Park, CA

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Job Description

We are seeking an experienced scientist with experience in molecular immunology and or oncology to become an integral part of the Cellular Research team to validate and unlock the potential of RESOLVETM, an innovative platform for massively parallel single cell gene expression analysis described in Fan et al Science, 2015.

You will play a key role in identifying and validating novel applications of RESOLVETM in the fields of immuno-oncology, immunology and stem cell biology. In addition to working with the Cellular Research team, you will also work with external collaborators in academia, biotechs and top-tier pharmaceutical companies to enable breakthroughs in the use of our cutting edge gene analysis platform in the areas of clinical oncology and immunology.


• Design and perform experiments to investigate novel applications of the RESOLVETM platform in immunology and oncology. Manage collaborations and relationships, in collaboration with business development, with early access customers from academia, other biotechs and pharmaceutical companies
• Participate in analysis of data from the RESOLVETM platform in collaboration with internal bioinformatics and product development scientists and outside clients
• Provide feedback to scientists and engineers in product development
• Collaborate effectively with other employees to help advance the company’s research and development and commercial goals
• Present results to collaborators and prepare conference abstracts and manuscripts for publication



• PhD in Immunology, Oncology, Cell biology, Molecular biology, Genomic sciences, Biomedical sciences, Bioengineering with Immunology focus.

• Wetlab skills, including cell handling and basic molecular biology methods are required
• Knowledge and/or experience with gene expression analysis method including qPCR, microarray, and next-gen sequencing (NGS) preferred
• Knowledge and/or experience with analyzing gene expression data, especially from high throughput technologies is highly desirable.
• Knowledge and/or experience with public databases and genomic tools such as UCSC Genome Browser highly desirable
• Knowledge and/or experience with TCR and/or immunoglobulin sequencing highly desirable
• Experience with clinical experimental design and biomarker data analysis in an industrial or academic research lab setting
• Excellent communication and presentation skills
• Capacity to work in a fast-paced environment, quick learner with ability to adapt to change
• Highly motivated, responsible, independent self-starter and problem solver.

About Our Organization

Cellular Research, Inc., is a biotechnology research and development company founded in 2011 by innovators from Silicon Valley and Stanford University was recently acquired by Becton Dickenson and has become an integral part of the new start-up Genomics business at BD. Our mission is to revolutionize life science research by enabling high-resolution investigation of single cells and limited samples, thereby creating new benchmarks and delivering new capabilities in discovery and drug development.

Cellular Research has developed Molecular Indexing to deliver these capabilities. Molecular Indexing is a revolutionary technology that enables direct and precise counting of individual molecules, genes, chromosomes, and other genetic materials in very small samples and individual cells.

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