Health Educator/ Health Promotions Specialist

Venesco, LLC
Job Location
Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton Camp Pendleton South,
$75,000 - $80,000
Job Description

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Venesco, LLC, is looking for a Health Educator/Health Promotions Expert to work as a full-time employee at the Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton to optimize the health of its beneficiaries through critically needed population health programs.

The government's Population Health Program encompass a full scope of intervention strategies that include tertiary prevention (programs that help beneficiaries treat chronic disease), secondary prevention (programs that help beneficiaries manage risks for disease), and primary prevention (programs that help beneficiaries prevent disease).


-Localize and implement IHCI population health management strategies to appropriate beneficiaries.

-Develop and execute multi-dimensional intervention tactics utilizing evidence based methodologies; to include, but not limited to: mass and individual communications; health promotion and coaching in clinical settings, community settings, and individual/small group settings; educational seminars and events;;; health monitoring devices; internet-based tools and mobile applications, etc.

-Create marketing strategies, effective for each audience, to market the PHPO and strengthen and support awareness of PHPO resources.

-Maintain awareness of epidemiological and health behavioral trends, health risk and health determinants of the NHCP beneficiary population; to include individual, social, environmental and cultural factors and apply appropriate criteria for intervention triage and targeting populations.

-Identify barriers, vulnerabilities, and other challenges facing NHCP Military Health System beneficiaries in being able to achieve optimal health/wellness.

-Incorporate emerging best practices from industry and public health experts to implement appropriate health/wellness programs with NHCP Military Health System beneficiaries.

-Acquire and maintain training to present any needed health education courses. These may include, but are not limited to, ShipShape, Tobacco Cessation, and courses on other topics as deemed appropriate.

-Work with appropriate directorates to involve clinical staff as appropriate: Corpsmen, Clinical Pharmacists, Health and Wellness staff, etc.

-Provide guidance and support to command personnel responsible for delivering health interventions to NHCP Military Health System beneficiaries.

-Define metrics of success, identify measurement tools, and establish additional measurement strategies as is feasible and deemed ideal or necessary.

-Periodically report on activities and outcomes to command leadership, participating personnel and departments, community partners, and targeted population as appropriate.

-Expand targeted populations as identified interventions demonstrate success and sustainability.

-Collaborate with Health & Wellness and Public Health to design community-based intervention strategies for IHC beneficiaries, utilizing best practices of cultural competency, as well as a social media strategy

-Implement processes to ensure the timely update of content on the PHPO.

-Assist in the review, development, and implementation of policies, procedures, processes, and guidelines under the direction of the NHCP IHCI Project Manager.

-Coordinate special projects such as education-focused workshops, health fairs, informative displays and programs for special groups.

-Conduct surveys and assessments to identify the populations needs and/or major concerns and solutions.

-Develop and maintain relationships with community organizations providing health and social services to IHC beneficiaries that match the needs of target NHCP populations, to include development of draft MOUs and day-to-day working relationships with community partner organizations.

-Apply knowledge of specific community characteristics when targeting and prioritizing specific interventions (i.e. cultural, socio-demographic, geographical, needs gap analysis, etc.), including integration of relevant community engagement theories and constructs. In all interventions, enlist support of personnel who provide capabilities in the areas of cultural competency, language proficiency, etc., as appropriate.

Salary DOE: $75,000 - $80,000

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-Masters level education in one or more of the following areas: Health Promotion, Health Policy, Public Health, Community Health, or nursing degree with Masters level preparation in nursing administration or nursing education.

-3 or more years of relevant experience in conducting health promotion programs.

-Experience utilizing software, social media, and technology tools in health promotion interventions.

-Excellent written and verbal skills.

-Ability to work independently, as well as ability to work collaboratively with a multitude of professions in the clinical and health & wellness fields.

-Ability to develop effective working relationships with command stakeholders.

-Ability to synthesize and analyze multiple data streams to identify the target population and design comprehensive health intervention strategies.

-Ability to apply health behavior theories to strategic planning.

Desired Qualifications:

-Experience working with populations of diverse characteristics pertaining to age, educational level, race and ethnicity, income level, health status, and level of health literacy.

-Education or experience in public management and/or policy.

-Familiarity with Navy community and culture.

-Relevant license or certification, such as LCSW, RN, CHES, etc.

Clinical degree.

-A Video Application is strongly recommended

How to Apply

Address: 701 E. Bridger Ave Suite 400 Las Vegas Nevada 89101
Phone number: 8555624483

Apply online at

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