Health and Safety Engineer

Kashiv Pharma LLC
Job Location
Bridgewater, NJ
Job Description


Located in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Kashiv Pharma is an emerging pharmaceutical research and drug delivery company focused on developing innovative technology platforms and novel drugs with clinical differentiation and a compelling value proposition for patients, physicians, and payers. We have developed a portfolio of proprietary drug delivery technologies to improve the efficacy, safety, compliance, and dosage of low bioavailability drugs where absorption could be limited due to solubility, permeability, and stability problems. Our approach is to understand market needs and develop innovative medicines to improve health outcomes. The pipeline consists of novel drug formulations for preventing drug abuse or misuse, and in improving treatments for severe debilitating diseases. We plan to commercialize our products through licensing, or partnering, or through the creation of our specialized internal commercialization infrastructure. 

A Health & Safety Engineer will ensure compliance with safety standards of OSHA, NJDEP, and EPA. Comply with local, state and federal laws and inspections. Responsible for handling and closing cases with/or necessary action isrequired. Perform regular weekly and monthly inspections of all laboratories, manufacturing areas, hazardous waste areas to ensure all safety and GMP SOPs are followed. Perform safety training for all the employees to make Kashiv free from workplace hazards, injuries and future violations. 


Updating Safety plans like Emergency Action Plan, Contingency Plan, Hazardous Waste Plan, etc as per regulatory requirements. 
Annual & biannual training for all the safety plans and SOPs of employees from each department. 
Submit the Air Permit (PCP), General Permits, Boiler Permit and SEGAP as per equipment applicable to emission limits. 
Arrange for OEL reports by gathering data from R&D team for process flow and ensure proper Cross Functional Coordination, prepare baseline environment assessment report. 
Coordinate with safety consultant for safety assessment for potent/hormonal drugs for FR&D and AR&D group. Implement the recommendations as per the consultant and train employee before initiating the project. 
Biennial Revision of Safety/Engineering SOPs. 
Maintain Documentation as per company's requirement / GMP requirements / Represent company during compliance audit 
Supervise construction activities and train contractors for safety plans, ensure correct PPE are worn. 
Maintain inventory of safety supplies / consumables. Interact with vendors for identification and procuring safety supplies 
Ensure proper HAZMAT disposal and arrange the Manifest of Hazardous & Nonhazardous waste, Land Disposal ban form and Lab pack documents for past two years. 
Arranged DOT and IATA training for employees to be compliant with DOT standards for handling and transfer of HAZMAT. 
PPE Assessment of each department and Job Hazard Analysis 
Prepared Training Matrix for engineering employees. 
Arranging Fire Drills and training for emergency evacuation and familiarizing with the exits and assembly points. 
Work with local township to ensure permits are in compliance 
OSHA 300 & 300A logs filing to cover accidents/injuries from previous year.



Good Communications Skills 
Coordinate with sub-ordinates and consultants 
Time Management Skills 
Trainer for large number of employees 
Ability to work in extreme conditions/weather 
Can perform multi task and follow up with superiors within the time line 
Proficient with MS office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint

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