Genomics Research Core: Research Technician

University of Pittsburgh
Job Location
Genomics Research Core
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Job Description

The HSCRF Genomics Research Core is an institutional resource that provides genomics and transcriptomics experimental services to University of Pittsburgh researchers. The incumbent will develop and perform complex assays, robust procedures and quality control and assurance measures. The incumbent will perform independent experiments involving: Sanger sequencing – DNA and RNA extraction and quantification – real time PCR – genotyping – assessment of gene expression – and will assist with other procedures as assigned by supervisor. Attention to detail and basic computer skills including knowledge of MS Office software is required. The incumbent will troubleshoot problems and assure data quality meets standards for complex laboratory experiments. Previous experience with basic molecular biological assays including nucleic acid extractions, Sanger sequencing and data management is desired. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills in order to provide the necessary customer service.


B.S in Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry or Molecular Biology

How to Apply

Contact Janette Lamb,, Director Genomics Research Core.

About Our Organization

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