Genomics Core Facility Technician

New York University
Job Location
New York, NY 10003
Job Description

The NYU Center for Genomics and Systems Biology seeks a full-time laboratory technician to assist in the Genomics Core Facility operations. The Core Facility supports multiple projects and research initiatives in the NYU Biology Department. The Center’s facility includes flow cytometry, next generation sequencing, robotics and many other instruments.This job requires experience in molecular biology as well as excellent organizational and problem solving skills. The technician will assist in maintaining liquid handling robots, qPCR machines, and other instruments in the Core as well as running and monitoring next generation sequencing machines. The job also entails training technicians and other center staff on instruments, and frequent contact with center staff.


Applicants with a bachelor's or master's degree in biology, chemistry or life science field are the most appropriate candidates for the position.

How to Apply

Those interested should send their CV and cover letter to [email protected], with the subject heading: "NYU Core Technician".

About Our Organization

The center is located one block from Washington Square in New York City's Greenwich Village neighborhood in a collegial environment in a new science building.

NYU is an equal opportunity employer.

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