Fundación Miguel Servet-Navarrabiomed
Job Location
Calle Irunlarrea, nº3. Recinto Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra.
31008 Pamplona España
Job Description

An exciting opportunity for a specialist bioinformatician has become available to set up a new bioinformatics service aiming to support new development projects in Genomic Medicine.

Navarrabiomed is the public institution driving the biomedical research of the Public Health System of Navarre in Spain, with special attention on translational research (for more information This new post is part of the Navarrabiomed initiative to incorporate genomic analyses into the medical practice of Navarra Public Health System.

The successful candidate will be embedded in a multidisciplinary genomic medicine team, networking in partnership with other top European and Spanish genomic analysis and interpretation providers in ongoing genomic Medicine projects. At the same time, he/she will be tasked to lead the new Bioinformatics Unit called to provide genomic data bioinformatics analysis for Navarrabiomed and associated medical institutions.

The postholder will be fully based at Navarrabiomed in Pamplona, although short-term stages at other partners’ premises in Spain or abroad could also be necessary.




- Good degree in Science, Bioinformatics or Computer Science and complementary PhD or Master Award in Bioinformatics, Biomedical or Computing Science.

- Minimum 3 years experience in genomic data analysis:

       o Interpretation of human genomic sequences generated by WGS, WES, RNA-seq.

       o Development and implementation of workflow pipelines for genomic data analysis and                   interpretation. 

- Experience in bioinformatics:

       o Perl and/or Python.

       o HTML, Javascript.

       o GNU/LINUX-

       o Statistics software SPSS, R.

       o MySQL, SQLite y SQLServer.

- Strong Human Genetics background.

- Fluent knowledge of processing and mapping software and tools for genomic data analysis (FastQC, BWA, Bowtie, SAMtools y GATK, Visualización Cytoscape, IGV)

- Transcriptomics, quantification, normalization and differential expression background.

- Full English proficiency.

- Basics of Spanish.


- Experience in human teams leadership.

- Experience as R&D projects Principal Investigator.

- Experience working under quality management systems (QMS) as ISO and their implementation.

- Software development skills.

- Expertise in relational and non-relational databases.

- Knowledge of development of Graphical User Interfaces.

- Knowledge of other programming languages Java, C++.

How to Apply

To take part in the Job offer it is necessary to access through the next link of our webpage:


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