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Genomic Curator for Cancer

Golden Helix
Job Location
1487 North 14th Avenue
Bozeman, MT 59715
United States
Job Description

Provide written interpretations following the AMP guidelines for the evaluation of the clinical significance of biomarkers in cancer for the purpose of NGS-based genetic testing. Golden Helix provides an implementation of the somatic scoring guidelines published by AMP with widely adopted analysis software VarSeq and VSClinical. In this part-time, flexible, remote-friendly position, you will join the team that maintains and builds out Golden Helix CancerKB: a knowledgebase of expert-written interpretations for the most common biomarkers in the most common cancers.


Genomic Biomarker Interpreter

  • Generate clear, concise clinical interpretations for cancer biomarkers in the context of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based targeted molecular therapy clinical tests
  • Identify and classify variants in accordance with Golden Helix’s variant curation process
  • Master the relevant capabilities of Golden Helix’s software
  • Other duties as directed.




  • MS or PhD in Oncological Sciences, Molecular Genetics, Human Genetics or similar
  • Experience writing variant interpretations or biomarker interpretations
  • Strong working knowledge of laboratory genetics and genomics (e.g. target capture/amplification and next-generation sequencing).
  • Well organized, self-directed and highly detailed.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills.
How to Apply

To apply, please send your resume and a writing sample (preferably variant or biomarker interpretations) to [email protected].

About Our Organization

Golden Helix has been delivering industry-leading bioinformatics solutions for the advancement of life science research and translational medicine for over 20 years with 1,000s of users around the world. Their innovative technologies and analytic services empower scientists and healthcare professionals at all levels to derive meaning from the rapidly increasing volumes of genomic data produced from NGS sequencers and microarrays. With their solutions, hundreds of the world's top hospitals, testing labs, pharmaceutical, biotech, and academic research organizations can harness the full potential of genomics to identify the cause of disease, improve the efficacy and safety of drugs, develop genomic diagnostics, and advance the quest for personalized medicine.

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