Genome Informatician (Bioinformatics & Genomics)

SA Pathology
Job Location
SA Pathology, Genetics and Molecular Pathology
Frome Road
Adelaide SA 5000
$79,480 - $88,930

Full Time Appointment, On-going



Job Description

Working with an enthusiastic team of clinical, scientific and technical staff in the exciting and expanding area of clinical genomics, this is a great opportunity to improve the health and wellbeing of South Australians. The incumbent will work in diagnostic and clinical translational genomics to improve diagnoses of genetic diseases including cancer. Our laboratory has strong clinical partnerships to spearhead clinical implementation of genomics and has recently received national accreditation for whole-exome sequencing for diagnostic applications. 

The Genome Informatician applies technical expertise in bioinformatics and genome analysis to contribute to the delivery of high-throughput genetic testing services. The incumbent will implement and maintain genome analysis pipelines for diagnostic applications from targeted and genome-scale next-generation sequencing and show great attention to detail for ensuring the quality of analysis solutions.

The Genome Informatician will have practical experience in bioinformatics and computational pipeline design and demonstrated aptitude to implement effective bioinformatics analysis solutions. The Genome Informatician will effectively prioritize tasks to maintain productivity and participate in research activities, as appropriate.

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