Genetic Counselor

Claritas Genomics
Job Location
Cambridge, MA 02139
Job Description

Claritas Genomics is seeking full time laboratory genetic counselors. The laboratory currently offers a wide range of molecular clinical tests with samples received from around the world.


As a member of the Clinical Client Services team, the candidate will:

-        Interpret and report molecular test results in a consistent and rigorous fashion

-        Work with bioinformatics scientists and software engineers to develop systems to support interpretation using high-quality and reproducible processes

-        Assist providers in selecting tests that are clinically appropriate in a cost-conscious manner

-        Participate in new test development by applying clinical expertise to the design of new assays and corresponding educational/marketing materials

-        Provide education to the genetics community through lectures and website content.  Publication and presentation at scientific meetings are highly encouraged.  


Educational/License Requirements:

-        MS from an accredited genetic counseling program

-        ABGC/ABMG board certified or have ABGC active candidate status

-        Have or be eligible for a Massachusetts genetic counselor license 



-        Demonstrate knowledge of genetic testing laboratory procedures

-        In depth knowledge of molecular genetics and relationship to human disease

-        Ability to thoroughly and accurately evaluate scientific literature 

-        Familiarity with variant databases, genome browsers, and HGVS nomenclature

-        Ability to work independently and in a team

-        Excellent written and oral communication skills

Experience in a clinical genetics laboratory and/or pediatric clinical setting is preferred

How to Apply

Please forward inquiries and CVs to [email protected]

About Our Organization

Claritas Genomics is a genetic diagnostic testing company that combines the power of genetic analysis technology with the clinical expertise of the world’s best pediatric specialists to inform and improve patient care. Claritas is developing a full range of services that take the guesswork out of test ordering and support clinicians as they navigate an increasingly complex landscape of genetic diagnostics. Our interpretive services are based on the most up to date and reliable findings and our reports are designed to clearly communicate this complex information. Originally Boston Children’s Hospital’s Genetics Diagnostic Laboratory and launched as an independent laboratory in February 2013, we have a comprehensive menu of tests with new next-generation sequencing-based services to be launched soon. We aim to enable providers to integrate genomics into routine medical practice and take pride in our partnership with both our ordering clinicians and the genetic researchers making discoveries that will lead to new tests and clinical knowledge.

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