Genetic Counselor

Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc.
Job Location
Woburn, MA 01801
Job Description

Position Summary

In this position you will have the opportunity to learn from the experts in the area of next generation sequencing and help expand our team to contribute directly to our growth and success.  Working with our experienced team of geneticists, bioinformaticians, and physicians, you will develop and interpret exome and panel test reports, provide guidance for clinicians regarding the results, and be a key contributor to new test development and research.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop whole exome testing from variant filtering to reporting
  • Review patient genetic sequencing data and generate reports
  • Communicate with clinicians regarding test results
  • Provide input into new test offerings and report processing improvements
  • Assist with variant classification and literature and database searches
  • Participate in generation of marketing material as needed
  • Keep informed of relevant literature regularly and attend weekly scientific meetings
  • Prepare abstracts for presentation at scientific meetings and assist with writing manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals


  • Certificate, American Board of Genetic Counseling preferred
  • Masters degree in human genetics and/or genetic counseling 
  • Must have some flexibility with respect to skills and hours
  • Experience in exomes preferred
  • At least one-year experience in a neurological/pediatric clinical or diagnostic setting, not including prenatal, is recommended
  • An eagerness to work with a highly dynamic team that is using the latest technologies and applying them to a variety of clinical settings
How to Apply

Courtagen Life Sciences is located in Woburn, MA.  We are a pioneering company that's always on the lookout for highly motivated individuals who, like us, believe in the values of teamwork, cooperation and shared success. We offer a friendly and stimulating professional environment for workers seeking to make a big difference in life sciences by delivering innovative products and services. Please send your resume to

About Our Organization

Courtagen is a privately-held life sciences and molecular information company that converts genomic data into actionable clinical information for the diagnosis of critical pediatric neurological and metabolic disorders. Specifically, Courtagen focuses on mitochondrial disorders, epilepsy, and intellectual disability, including autism spectrum disorders. Courtagen’s state-of-the-art Next-Generation Sequencing clinical laboratory integrates genotype, phenotype, and disease mechanism data using cloud-based computing and custom analytical methods to provide the most comprehensive results for clinicians, patients, and their families to better understand and treat their disease. 

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